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Uploading page-size jpegs instead of PDFs

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Re: Uploading page-size jpegs instead of PDFs

Posted:29 May 2017 (18:34 UTC)
Hi Deborah!

The only file type accepted by our "Upload PDF" feature are PDF's. What you can however do, is upload your JPG's separated into our Book Designer here: https://www.prestophoto.com/designer/ You will not be able to use the zip file, however you will be able to select multiple files if you first create the project and then upload the files while within the project.

Was there a reason you saved out the images as JPG's instead of as a single PDF?

We actually do not typically recommend saving out your images with crop marks, as we print exactly what is uploaded. If the image contains crop marks in our "safe zone" there is a likely chance that your final product will have those crop marks visible, as our printers do not go by alternate printer crop marks.

I do hope this helps!
If you need further assistance, please feel free to email us at support@prestophoto.com!
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Uploading page-size jpegs instead of PDFs

Posted:15 May 2017 (23:14 UTC)
I have created 11 x 8.5" jpegs, one for each page of my book (11.5 X 9" with cropmarks for those pages that will have bleeds) instead of PDFs. May I upload these, in a single zip file, using the "Upload PDFs" function? Additionally, I have a jpeg of the cover. If a jpeg is acceptable, should that be uploaded separately, or zipped with the book pages?

Thanks for your guidance, Deborah