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Posted:29 Jan 2018 (19:24 UTC)
Hi Deborah!

I'll answer your questions in the format that you have asked them (:

1. To upload a PDF made in Apple iPhoto, locate the "Create" tab in our Navigation Bar" (at the top of the page)
Hove your mouse over "Create" and then click "Upload PDF" from the dropdown menu that appears.
Follow the instructions on that page to upload your PDF and you're done!

2. Once you upload your PDFs to our site, you can go to your Bookstore via the "Buy Now" button to see pricing for all of the products that your project can be purchased as! Alternatively, you can also get a Quote in our Product Catalog. Simply hover your mouse over the "Products" tab in our Navigation Bar above and select "Price Catalog" from the dropdown menu. Use the Quick Quote Tool (in blue on that page) to enter your page count and quantity to see updated pricing for all products (:
3. Our software is set up to decipher as best as possible how the book was create. We extract the Covers as they are and place the pages as they were designed. If you have questions once your file is uploaded, just email us at or hop on Live Chat and we'd be happy to take a look at your book (:

Warm Regards,
Deborah Leight
Joined: 23 Jan 2018
Posted:23 Jan 2018 (18:13 UTC)
I have a few questions.
1. how do you upload a book made in iPhoto?
2.I have 5 Gallery/large about 40 pagesiPhoto books I want to make two copies of each price?
3. Do you follow the same book format or do you change from the original book made in apple.