Resize photo in Edit layout mode without it cropping

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Re: Resize photo in Edit layout mode without it cropping

Posted:27 Sep 2022 (15:50 UTC)
I had the same question and confirmed that Presto Photo currently doesn't have an easy way of doing this.

As your response from Alice (and the response I received from support) noted, yes, you can resize an image box to any size/proportion. But when Alice says "once the image box is scaled appropriately," that skips over your question: is there an easy to have the image box's proportions scale appropriately to the aspect ratio of the image itself, so that (at least when zoomed all the way out), none of the image is lost to cropping? There is not: you have to manually calculate the proportions of the image box. (E.G. your image is 1800x2400 pixels, and your image box is 6.0" in width, calculating that it should be 8.0" in height.)

It would be a great addition to have a modifier key (just as, if you hold down shift while resizing an object, the CURRENT proportion is maintained) that would lock the box to the image's proportion when resizing.
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Re: Resize photo in Edit layout mode without it cropping

Posted:15 Sep 2020 (18:23 UTC)
Hi Elisa,

Thank you for reaching out!

You can certainly resize the image within edit layout to allow for the full photo to display. Within the app resize the image placed in a template by first clicking "Edit Layout" and resizing the mask of the image. Once the image box is scaled appropriately, you can then use the crop tool to get the full image shown. Please refer to the tutorial page here:

If you get stuck along the way, please reach out to live chat or email

Warm Regards,
Elisa Maistrellis
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Resize photo in Edit layout mode without it cropping

Posted:04 Apr 2020 (02:36 UTC)
Hi there! Very new here. Is it possible to resize my photo on a page in Edit layout mode without losing part of the photo to cropping? In other words, I want to shrink the size of the photo and keep all it's content--not lose parts of it. Make sense?
Thanks! ElisaGia
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