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Are there errors on this page?

Comment on Printing Specifications
Uri Geva
Joined: 23 Sep 2020

Are there errors on this page?

Posted:23 Sep 2020 (00:35 UTC)
(1) In the section "Printing Specifications" showing links above on the right side, both link #4 and link #5 are identical and point to the same page --->>

(2) As I was typing this comment, the "I'm not a robot" feature, keeps losing its green check-mark every few seconds, requiring me to click it multiple times. After this happened several times, clicking the box does not restore the green check-mark and does not re-display a visual query. I had to reload the page, which caused me to type this comment all over again. This is quite annoying. (I'm using the latest version of Firefox browser.)

I thought you may want to know and maybe correct these issues.