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Re: Spine Text Tool

Posted:09 Aug 2022 (20:18 UTC)
Hello Laurie,

Thank you for reaching out :)

Yes, when using the spine text tool built into our website, the text point size is autogenerated to fit your spine based on the paper choices and page count.

While we typically suggest using our spine text tool because it is within our control and we can be sure that your spine text will fall along the spine of your book.

You can opt to create your own spine text by designing a cover that contains your front cover, back cover, and spine text and uploading it as your cover. Then you just check the Full Wrap option. This way you can control the size of the spine.

Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance

Kind Regards
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Laurie Salmore
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Spine Text Tool

Posted:06 Aug 2022 (09:11 UTC)
Is the point size of the spine text auto generated? I'd like a smaller point size.
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