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Book Cover Available Fonts

A picture may say a 1,000 words

Fonts are fun to play with and they can make a bold statement to go along with your picture.

We provide a few different fonts for the cover and spine text. Have fun. Try a few smile

Sans Serif
Fenwick Outline

Credit Valley


Budmo Jiggler
Budmo Jigglish
Burnstown Dam
Deftone Stylus
Delta Hey Max Nine
Earwig Factory
Ennobled Pet
Minya Nouvelle
Terylene Top

Groovy Ghosties (Halloween)
Shlop (Halloween)

Sappy Mugs



by Yelena Giamber, 06 Dec 2015 (19:02 UTC)
"Your PDF was missing embedded fonts.ComicSansMS-Bold"
Hey, guys! which one font I can use if I can't use the ComicSansMS-Bold
I'm making a kids book and I like the ComicSansMS-Bold
What's a problem?

Re: fonts

by Shantelle, 06 Dec 2015 (22:37 UTC)
Hi Yelena!

You are able to use any font you'd like, as long as the full font family is embedded. Depending on the program you're using to create the PDF there should be an option that allows you to do that. You can learn more about PDF Specs here: :)

Please let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at!

Warm regards,

Show me the fonts, please

by Daniel Elsberg and Lorena Castex, 12 Dec 2009 (15:53 UTC)
Really now, please give me one page to see all the fonts at once. It takes forever to review them.

Re: Show me the fonts, please

by mary c, 07 Dec 2010 (01:36 UTC)
hi - it is a year later - i am hoping you have done something about font samples so we can decide in 5 min, not the 60 min or more it would take to test each one. is there a simpler way to view one font vs the others? thanks.

Re: Show me the fonts, please

by PrestoPhoto Support, 07 Dec 2010 (17:41 UTC)
Mary C,

Greetings from PrestoPhoto and thanks for your interest.

I will forward your feedback to engineering :)


PrestoPhoto support

Re: Show me the fonts, please

by Christian Fowler, 19 Dec 2009 (04:58 UTC)

FYI, we released an update today that fixed a problem that shows a live preview of the text and fonts for the cover. Just enter title/author text, and change the font selection.

We'll get a font preview up soon that shows every font, using the text you enter. That will take a bit to get it to perform quickly enough to be usable.

Re: Show me the fonts, please

by Christian Fowler, 14 Dec 2009 (22:14 UTC)
Hi Daniel,

Heh, touche! Thanks for the post. I've noted these things down in our list of improvements. Though that database is gettin' mighty long. We'll try to get to it soon.


by Kathryn, 11 Dec 2009 (21:50 UTC)
How about you write the font name in that font? That way I can compare them all on one page. Loading each one to view it is not only time consuming but it makes it difficult to compare and decide which one to go with.