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Book Designer Changelog

Below are recent updates to our award winning Book Designer online software.

Release 3.5

  • Drag and Drop covers in the Designer
  • 8.5x8.5 Premium with MATTE hardcover and MATTE softcover.

Release 3.4

  • New "Duplicate" button on the Dashboard for all Designer products
  • Overhauled Pageflip preview that handles all possible book scenarios

Release 3.3

  • All new Calendar support! Calendar products are now directly supported in the Designer and PDF upload. Layout and Preview views now show proper top-n-bottom orientation for a flip calendar.
  • New "Add Multiple Pages" under the "Arrange Pages" tool is a fast way to add dozens of pages to your book.

Release 3.2

  • Dropped images are now immediately marked as used in the book
  • Dropzone's have greatly improved UI for indicating crop adjustment or to drop a new image

Release 3.1

  • Our all new Multi-Uploader allows you to select many files at once for upload with a single click! Just click "Upload Files" when editing your book or card.
  • You can now upload images for Dust Cover Flaps - both inner front and inner back
  • The PDF Wizard now has a magical checkbox for iPhoto PDF uploads.
  • Improved Template Creator UI to be consistent, improved uploading, new drop zone images

Release 3.0

  • All new streamlined user interface that greatly improves ease of use and is gorgeous to see!
  • Photo drawer checkbox for images used in book, additionally gray out
  • New Drop Zone images for Designer Templates
  • Improved feedback for all dialogs and panels that fetch data from server.
  • Edit Public Preview button now available on Flip Preview for product owner.
  • Over 75 fonts now available to use in drag and drop text editing!

Release 2.5

  • Instant Shipping Quotes available for all products.
  • All new "Green Box" interface for cover and webstore editing makes these steps much easier to use.
  • All new "Layout Preview" with instant zoom, improved Flash-less flip preview.
  • Improved Flickr integration - no more synchronized, instant image browsing and drag & drop.

Release 2.4

  • Inline rotation and favorite markers in the Designer photo drawer

Release 2.3

  • Auto-Fit Template Pages now available for all sizes! Drop unlimited number of images onto a page and our special algorithms will arrange the images for the best fit.
  • Template Pages now have notes to add individual instructions
  • Improved Template Usage statistics for designers including sorting pages by usage, proportional bar graphs of usage, and listing of statistics for all templates by a user (see link on Profile Page)
  • New Dropzone Layers when Creating Book Designer Templates so you can add dropzones above or below the uploaded PNG file.
  • New cover guides on the Book Binding and Covers for designers
  • Condensed, unified header for Book Designer, Book Machine, and PDF Wizard
  • Improve dashboard products listing: direct link to Step 1 using the app icon (Designer, BookMachine, PDF Wizard); list PDF dimensions
  • Add 11x8.5 Dust Jacket Hard Cover, Premium Photo Printing
  • Add Premium Products for Square and Landscape books

Release 2.2

  • Support for "themes" when creating a template. Every template is assigned one core theme e.g. "Scrapbooking"
  • Ability to filter results in template browser by designer, price, and theme
  • Internal Designer template browser made identical to external browser
  • Interactive filters on main shop pages for browsing templates
  • View pages in a large, 72 DPI lightbox preview prior to creating a book
  • Calendar pagination now begins on the left, so top/bottom appear as side-by-side pairs.
  • Improve Drag-n-Drop reordering so it behaves well on all browsers

Release 2.1

  • Template browser when creating books.
  • Rollover thumbnails to view the finer details of your draggable images.
  • Gallery Navigation through the photodrawer with breadcrumbs
  • Interface overhaul
  • Warn on low image DPI to prevent unsatisfactory print quality and on use of the same image multiple times in the same book to prevent mistakes
  • Upload your PNG quick page templates directly to the book designer and draw your own dropzones using our new toolset
  • New WYSWIG Caption Editor ( ckeditor )

Release 2.0

  • Drag n' Drop captions
  • Inline cropping for all droppable images
  • NEW Template Marketplace
  • All new layout and interface allowing for a greatly streamlined user experience
  • 1-Click magic autofill of images from your gallery to template pages