Digital Scrapbooking Community Enthusiastic About New Very Affordable 12"x12" Photobook

PrestoPhoto now offers 12x12 hard bound Memory book in addition to 5 other square photo book sizes. The books are easy to create and scale to smaller sizes. Pricing is affordable.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) March 26, 2008 — PrestoPhoto, an online community and creative publishing service, has responded to customer requests for an affordable 12x12 photobook. Joining the company's existing Photo Book line-up this month are four new square format books: the much anticipated 12x12 Memory Book and two mini book brag books in 5x5 and 3.5x3.5 sizes.

"At PrestoPhoto we strive to accommodate to our creator's needs. After numerous requests from scrapbook enthusiasts, we decided to introduce the 12x12 photobooks," commented Connie Fowler, Co-Founder of PrestoPhoto. "Scrapbooking is a wonderfully growing industry and so many of our users are looking to meet their scrapbooking needs."

Our goal is to offer our customers an extensive array of options when it comes to 'the look' of their photobook
The 12x12 is offered in a die-cut hardcover that displays a selected 4x3 digital cover image. The creator has the option to choose from 15 different cover materials in suede, linen, or leather. "Our goal is to offer our customers an extensive array of options when it comes to 'the look' of their photobook," commented Fowler. Pricing is a very affordable $14.99 base cost plus 75 cents per page. So for example, a 40-page book would only cost $44.99.

In addition to the new photobooks, PrestoPhoto also streamlined the order process for the square format books. All square format books can be uploaded in the 12x12 format, and then PrestoPhoto's software will automatically scale them to the size of book you choose at check out. So with one upload you can now order multiple sizes.

How it works:
1. Upload your pictures, individual layouts or completed PDF book to your PrestoPhoto gallery.
2. Be certain your images or pages are in the order you wish them to appear in your book and select the "order photobook" option.
3. All square sizes are found under the master page 12x12 page option.
4. Follow the steps in the Book Designer or Book Machine (if you have uploaded individual page layouts be sure to check the "auto crop" option.)
5. Select your cover and book size, and place your order.

For helpful design hints please visit our scrapbooking section.

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