Potential Delays for Int’l Shipments - 5 Free Greeting Cards with orders of $15 or more

Keeping Prices Low

You may wonder how we are able to offer such a wonderful product at such a low price. We've had a few members ask so we thought we would give everyone the response we gave them.

One of the main efforts that contribute to our low cost is our commitment to efficiencies. We run a tight ship!!! We choose promotions carefully and ensure every advertising dollar is used wisely. We don't have any frills (like over priced cappuccino makers). We do have a coffee maker and love the coffee it just isn't fancy wink

We value the basic work ethic. No tricks or gimmicks just serious old-fashioned, reliable business principles and practices. We will always offer you our best. If you are unhappy send a note to support@prestophoto.com and we will work with you to resolve your concern. We believe if you offer a quality product and maintain good customer service the result will be world peace. Customers are happy and we are happy. What could be better?

So the bottom line is commitment to quality, efficiencies, and customers will keep us doing what we do best for years to come.