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Photo Greeting Cards

High Quality Photo Greeting Cards.

Starting at just $0.55 cents a card!

Make Your Prints and Cards Special

With PrestoPhoto's instant scaling technology, your single PDF can be made available in many different sizes. In fact, you can order the same file in dozens of different sizes, binding, and paper combinations! Want a card as a large print? No problem!

Create Your Card

Ready To Frame

Our cards allow for printing on all 4 sides so each card can include a full size print ready to frame as a bonus gift.

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The Right Paper for All Occasions

Our paper selections are sure to suit your needs! Whether you're looking for a specific feature, the best price, or just aren't sure what you want, we can help you find what you're searching for. Our papers do have one thing in common: they're all acid-free! While text is all well and good, we offer you an inexpensive and helpful way to decide: physical samples! Simply order our free Sample Kit to see all of our papers in action.

Lustre 200

190 GSM

Matte 300

300 GSM

Semi-Gloss 300

300 GSM

Photo Card Sizes (Portrait and Landscape)

Flat Cards

Our flat square corner cards can be printed on both sides. Available in:

  • landscape (5.5x4" and 7x5")
  • portrait (4x5.5" and 5x7")

Folded Cards

Choose from either top folded or side folded cards. Can be printed on the front, back and inside. Available in:

  • landscape (5.5x4" and 7x5")
  • portrait (4x5.5" and 5x7")

Go Green With Your Cards.

7 Billion greeting cards are printed every year, nearly all of which end up getting thrown out. We have designed our cards ready to frame. They last longer, and are a thoughtful gift.


Presto Logo?

by Christy, 12 Nov 2015 (03:25 UTC)
Is the Presto logo added to PDFs I upload myself?

Re: Presto Logo?

by Shantelle, 12 Nov 2015 (07:28 UTC)
Hi Christy!

That's correct - our logo will be added to any PDF or Book Designer book. However you do have the option of a one-time logo removal which is $10. We also offer Professional Membership for $99 that removes the Presto logo for all of your orders. :)

Please let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at!

Warm regards,