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Portfolio Photo Books

Large format photo books that are ideal for portfolios

Our Biggest Idea Yet.

Dimensons 14"x11" / 35x28 cm / 1008x792 pts
Paper 120lb (218 gsm) Gloss
BindingWire-O Spiral Binding, True Lie-Flat
Cost $7.49 Base Price + $.50 Per Page
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Introducing Our 14"x11" Full Bleed Photo Books That Lie Flat

The latest in Product our line of photo books, our portfolio book is geared towards architects and graphic professionals. Using our site, you can produce high-quality books for your portfolio, high-end sales brochures, contact sheets, and more. Best of all: the quality of the printing and binding is as beautiful as the photos you take. Vibrant colors on the firm 100# gloss paper will add impact to any photo. Full bleed your image to cover the entire page, and the result is breathtaking.

Make An Impact

Covering over two feet of deskspace, opening our portfolio size books makes an impression. Presenting clients with attractive, bound materials sends a powerful message and will help you convey the big picture. We make the production of such high-quality books both simple and affordable. This is your work, so you have total control over every square inch of the interior pages and the cover.

To get started, just register now, it's free. Upload your photos, follow the book wizard, checkout, and your portfolio will be on it's way...

All Work And No Play?

In case you were wondering, it's ok to have a little fun, too. Our portfolio books are great for personal collections. With a 28" wingspan, they can cover three laps for sharing with the whole family.


can i get this spiral bound portfolio book in 8.5 by 11 or smaller?

by Dan, 28 Nov 2009 (02:37 UTC)
I am going to have to submit a spiral bound portofolio as part of my college application, this looks perfect, but the max size I am allowed is 8.5" by 11", do you print spiral bound photo books of this size? Closest thing I found was a calendar but thats bound on the top and has a hole punched in it so isn't what I'm looking for.


Re: can i get this spiral bound portfolio book in 8.5 by 11 or smaller?

by PrestoPhoto Support, 30 Nov 2009 (17:32 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto and thanks for your interest.

I am sorry but we don't offer what you are looking for :(

We have an 8.5x11 but it's not offered with wire-o binding, here is a link to our product catalog:

Good luck with your application :)

PrestoPhoto support

Cardboard stock paper

by , 17 Nov 2009 (04:00 UTC)
'm looking for a photo book who's pages are as thick as cardboard and has a hardcover. Can you do this type of book? If so, what is the cost?

Re: Cardboard stock paper

by connie, 17 Nov 2009 (05:28 UTC)
I am so sorry we don't offer that type of board book. I'm not sure if any print on demand printer does at this time.


by Wags, 30 Apr 2009 (18:15 UTC)
Personally I think Shutterfly is the only one that is comparable in quality to PrestoPhoto and they are twice the price.

For reviews/comparisons check:

Independent reviews?

by , 29 Apr 2009 (12:34 UTC)
Hi, I'm comparison shopping for photo album printing services, and my highest priorities are: 1. quality of printed images 2. quality look/feel and 3. ease of use

I saw one review that said your quality was equal to Snapfish, however, I've found Snapfish's print quality to be poor. Can you point me to any 3rd party independent reviews of your service, compared to others? I would be most interested in photography magazine reviews.

What about the cover

by Jud, 22 May 2008 (16:46 UTC)
What kind of a cover does this large portfolio have? Is it a stiff material or is it bendable. I'm really interested in building wedding proof books with this, but that requires a certain look and material involved.



Re: What about the cover

by Judy Roberts, 10 Jun 2008 (17:53 UTC)
Hi Jud,
Some of my previous post may help in other areas *see down below. For my dad's book on WWII photos I am definitely going with the 12.5 x 10 b/c of the cover. I've ordered the 11 x 14 before, loved it, but it wasn't for clients wanting a "coffee table book". The cover for the 11 x 14 isn't as study or glossy as the other softbound book covers. It's a great proof book for the price and to show off a portfolio, but the other one, in my opinion, will be wedding client quality. Judy
Re: Same heavy paper for hardcover and softcover portfolio books?
Posted: 03 Apr 2008 18:53,
Hi Judy,

Only the 14"x11" uses the heavy 120# paper. For black and whites, the Silk paper of the 12.5"x10" will likely produce much better blacks.

Let us know if you have any more questions!
Same heavy paper for hardcover and softcover portfolio books?
Posted: 03 Apr 2008 13:10,
I've gone to the book and paper spec pages but am still trying to figure out if the hardcover portfolio book (12.5" x 10") uses the same 120# interior paper as the softcover portfolio book (11" x 14"). The only clue I can find is this:

For our "Quick Binding" and material bound hardcover books, we offer a 100# light gloss Photo Silk, 96 Bright. This is a phenomenal paper that provides wonderful color, a professional smooth appearance, and long lasting binding quality. For "Pro Binding" books we use 80# satin paper.

Also, the album is going to be all black and white photos (grey scale) on a white background, so which portfolio (hard or soft) would be best for that if there is a paper difference?

Thanks, Judy

Re: What about the cover

by connie, 23 May 2008 (12:38 UTC)
The 14x11 cover stock is 100lb cover stock which is thicker than the 120 lb text stock. It is considered softcover. Here is a link to our paper specs page just so you can have a bit more information about our paper.

Maternity Photobook

by Laurita, 08 Apr 2008 (19:00 UTC)
Hi, I have a question. I want to create a Maternity Photobook.
I have only 17 pics. All of them are in "portrait" orientation.
Actually only one, that I want in the cover is in "landscape". I want to create a very high quality photobook, with a very sofisticated finish.
Can I custom make my own book? How does it work? Can I pick the background?
Can I have it made 8X11 pic size in a portrait orientation?
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