Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Ancient Times 6x9

6x9 regular edition.

Written by Omar Khayyam and Edward FitzGerald; edited, designed, and illustrated by Austin P. Torney


All 114 quatrains are presented herein from Edward FitzGerald’s first four editions (111), and his notes (3).

The quatrain order is that of the second edition, with some slight rearrangement for accommodation of the few quatrains that are in editions other than the second.


Following the quatrain number is the edition that the quatrain was chosen from (in parentheses, with an ‘*’ if from the notes). If in blue, the quatrain appeared only in that edition; if in red, the wording is the same in all editions.

Where there were variant quatrains, I picked the one that I liked the most, even combining two in some rare cases.


This is my third illustrated rendition of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam as transmogrified by Edward FitzGerald. It utilizes high resolution 4K images made in iclone, in which software a 4K video was also created and placed on Youtube (I am ‘austintorn’ there), along with other videos.

My first two illustrated renderings of Fitz-Omar are The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Resplendent.

I’ve also recreated the ‘Great Omar’, minus its jewels, which went down with the Titanic, and have retransmogrified Omar’s Bodleian Rubaiyat manuscript and illustrated it.

In addition, I have six Rubaiyats of my own invention: Austin’s Rubaiyat Art Scapes, Austin’s Golden Rubaiyat Art Scapes, The Theory of Everything Rubaiyat, Austin’s Rediscovered Quatrains, Rubaiyat of Eternal Secrets, and Rubaiyat of Rhymes and Reasons, along with two variantly illustrated versions of the Golden Rubaiyat: Austin’s Flowering Houris Rubaiyat, and Austin’s Golden Rubaiyat Persia-Fumes.

Some Rubaiyat offshoots are In the Name of the Rose (on poetic transmogrification and the naming of the rose), The New Mysteries of the Night (on gaining insight into All), and Now Here; No Where (an investigation of the two possible modes of time, with some of Omar’s Bodleian quotes).

Unrelated but still employing quatrains are Flora Symbolica, Elfin Legends, Color Symbols, Nostalgic Notions, and many more. See my blog:

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