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PULVERIZE HESITATION: The Graphic Art of John D. Muller

"If art can provide that personal, emotional connection to people, it has a much more relevant place in their lives."
—John D. Muller

Over a hundred full-color reproductions of John D. Muller's fine art are featured in this stunning 13"x10" coffee table book. Available at three different price points (for varying paper quality), this book is a must-have for fans of Muller's incredible graphic art and will be something to cherish and admire for generations to come.

To receive the premium edition, choose "Lustre 200 Photo Paper" and select "Remove Logo From Back Cover" and "Full Color Dust Jacket" before purchase.

John D. Muller (1949-2014) was a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and, along with his wife and partner Kathy, founded Muller + Company, the award-winning advertising and design agency in Kansas City, Missouri in 1983. After retiring in 2007, Muller shifted his focus to fine art and opened a gallery, M80ART, in Scottsdale, Arizona where he exhibited his unique artwork.

A prolific graphic artist, Muller’s work received international recognition, including exhibits in New York, Zurich, Kansas City, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. He was a member of the Kansas City Art Institute Board of Directors and a fellow of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. His work is featured in many private collections nationwide and is in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress.

Exploring thoughts on spiritualism, religion, and nature, both environmental and human, Muller's graphic art melds modern technology and classicism. The work is large, to enable the viewer to experience many hidden details as well as the presentation of the overall composition. Intrigued with modern portraiture of interesting people and unusual interpretations of the American landscape, the process of creating is clearly visible in the work. Muller was passionate about creating images of people, landscapes, and issues that had deep personal meaning.

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