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Dustjacket Cover

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Re: Dustjacket Cover

Posted:20 Apr 2011 (16:39 UTC)

We can now print on the flaps :) The flap dimensions are listed on the products that offer them!


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Stephane Ayotte
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Dustjacket Cover

Posted:04 Dec 2010 (17:54 UTC)
I keep reading on the forum that no printing is allowed on the inside flaps of a dust cover, but when I get to the "Design Cover" creation step, the interface allows to upload a "Front Flap Cover Image" and a "Back Flap Cover Image". Better yet, if I upload images for these, the preview show them at their right place.

Will these be printed, then? And if so, what dimension should these images have so they do not get re-scaled? I get it that the "Cover Dimension" given by the upload interface is only the dimension of the external cover.

On the other hand if the flaps don't get printed, what will they look like? Background color? Plain white?