How do I upload images?

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Tim Weaver
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Re: How do I upload images?

Posted:03 Dec 2019 (21:07 UTC)

Hi Danielle,

There are a couple of ways to upload photos for the Online Designer. You can either upload them with your Photos tab in your dashboard or directly inside your project.

If you are still having issues reach out to us by email at:

Warm Regards,


Danielle Jarvis
Joined: 01 Dec 2019

How do I upload images?

Posted:01 Dec 2019 (21:15 UTC)
I've been all through the help site and all through the web-site, and nowhere do I see the ability to upload my photos! Not very user friendly, and I needed to get this order in quickly but your help desk is closed for the weekend. How do I upload, and can you tell your web-designer to make the site more user-friendly, please?
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