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Product ID: 116506 Published 21 Jan 2019, 2nd Version


by mvidibor, 14 Nov 2018 (05:41 UTC)

Found this book listed perhaps in your website and followed the links to purchase it. Am excited to be getting more of your inspiring imagery.

Marlene Vidibor


by ethorstensen, 26 Mar 2012 (00:48 UTC)
Hi Aunt Shelley,
Just ordered one. Can't wait to see it.

greetings Shelley

by anita357, 07 Mar 2012 (14:38 UTC)
Have just bought the catalogue to have a copy of my own. I am looking forward to savoring it when I have some time off soon.
And I feel inspired already just getting a glimpse of some of the imagery.
Thanks so much.
Congratulations to you, and ms.sandy as well.

by pcresson, 05 Mar 2012 (16:43 UTC)
Hi Shelley
I ordered one today and I am really looking forward to getting it. I'll let you know-sure it will be beautiful
Pat Cresson

by lofsdal, 04 Mar 2012 (22:09 UTC)
Hi Shelley!(:cool:)

I bought a book with sendingadress to my friend who lives in Florida for the moment, she is coming home to Norway in May.
Looking forward to see the book!!

Hugs from your cousin up north ;)
Liv Ofsdal

Stunningly beautiful!

by sambeste, 03 Mar 2012 (14:24 UTC)
I got a copy for me, one for my son(so I don't lose mine!) and one for my sister in L.A.. It is a beautiful selection of work, beautifully laid out.
Congratulations on completing such a gorgeous publication!
Samantha Beste

by dnr24, 03 Mar 2012 (03:06 UTC)
Hi Shelley, I had no hesitation on this purchase! I'm so excited to own your work. I've wanted to purchase a piece for I'll own some,a whole book of your created eye candy! It will be waiting for me when I get home. I get 1 week home before my deployment late spring; one more thing to look forward to! Thank you. XOXO Dana Ramsey

Please leave a comment if you purchase!

by Shelley Thorstensen, 07 Feb 2012 (18:54 UTC)
Hi friends,

If you purchase the catalog would you please leave a comment?

Since this is the world of on-demand and at cost, it's the only way that I'll know you did!

Thank you!

Re: Please leave a comment if you purchase!

by ronaldruble, 24 Mar 2012 (23:02 UTC)
Shelley, I bought two books, one for my coffee table in Florida and one for my coffee table in Wisconsin. I should still have enough room to set my beer. The book is fabulous! Design, imagery and total presentation. A work of art in itself. I look forward to hours of enjoyment. Great stuff!!! Thanks for being you. Ron
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