A Week in Prague: Wall People/Street People

I went to Prague for a week in September/October, 2011, to explore the city and take street photos.

I always go shooting on my own, unencumbered by the need to consider anyone else’s pace or interests. And it makes it much easier to see your surroundings—in Prague, I was especially drawn to the wall stencils and the cobblestones. When I assembled the images for this book, I realized that the book could be divided into two sections: my usual street subjects and the paintings of people on the walls.

I knew none of the subjects in the street photos, and managed to capture most images without the subject’s awareness. However, I’m growing more accepting of people looking at the camera, and no longer instantly walk away when that happens.

While invisibility is still often the goal, I rarely hide my camera or “shoot from the hip.” The fact that people so rarely notice my presence—even when only a few feet away—is a welcome reminder of how fully we’re committed to our own “realities.”

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