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The Plight of the Bee (full hardcover)

The Ballad of Man and Bee. This book is a personal account of the rising honey bee crisis and the effect it will have and is having on the future of mankind.
100% of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Häagen-Dazs Save The Honeybees at

See my documentary film on the honey bee at:

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Product ID: 26787 Published 01 May 2009



by swordfish, 28 Jun 2009 (23:59 UTC)
connor is a phenomenal, amazing person who gets places in life by writing great books such as this! Wow!

A Dazzling Journey

by sierrahiker, 29 Oct 2008 (03:47 UTC)
The book wakes the senses to the buzzing of bees and the aroma of honey. Loved the prose and the stunning photos. And I learned a lot.


by Save the Bees, 29 Oct 2008 (03:23 UTC)
Absolutely amazing book, you have really hit the nail on the head. This is a crisis we all need to know about.