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Vira's Photo Book for Gypsy Vikings of Violin and Dance

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Product ID: 279978 Published 08 Apr 2018, 2nd Version


by Vira, 15 Apr 2018 (06:08 UTC)
Hey gypsy viking!!!

Thank you for ordering my photo book!!! You are amazing!!!
And thank you so much for your support!!! I can not begin to describe how much it means to me!!!

While I am still in the process of writing my album - know that all the income earned through my book sales will go towards its production costs!!!

So that next time it will be my album arriving at your doorstep!!!😁

Meanwhile, I love entertaining you with my daily covers on Facebook and can’t wait to hear your next request!!!

See you back on "Vira Burmenko - Violin Dance" in our Facebook tribe!!!

Have an amazing day my friend!!!

Keep on slaying!!!