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Short Stories and Diversions

1. When An Angel Comes to Visit: Romance and adventure in 8th grade and its following summer. 2. The Wondous Curves of Life: Romance and adventures of a high school couple who locate the ultimate secret place. 3. The Stainless Steel Rat Escapes From the Computrons and Goes Out to Lunch: Work at a computer corporation. 4. Route 66—The Mother Road: A tour. 5. How the Allies Won World War II: Bohr and Heisenberg. 6. Star Track—The Death Wave: A satire, yet quite an adventure. 7. Living Freely: Life in the mountains of Hawaii on the cheap. 8. The Cambodian Adventure: On the wrong side of the river. 9. The New Calendar—Remember: A realignment, plus how to relax. 10. Bear Hunting Story: Humor. 11. Trick Questions and Lateral Thinking: Logic. 12. An Outing at Lake Mohonk: Scenery and humor. 13. Contest! Win a Caribbean Vacation: Satire. 14. A Story That Will Never Make Any Cents: Sound words. 15. Genderless Pronouns: Plus other missing words. 16: Coping With the Jury Selection System: Adventurous boredom. 17. Misc Short Subjects: A potpourri. 18. A Random But Real Happening of Magic: Oneupmanship. 19. The Mythical Village: Choosing the simple life. 20. The Meanings of the Names for the States and Some Provinces: Humor. 21. The On-Liners and Their Native Lands—Especially Australia: Humor. 22. The Find of the 'Great Omar' Rubaiyat Edition: A true story. 23. Illustrated Jokes & Take-Offs. 24. Illustrated Sayings. 24. Wick and the Cricket: Exploring the origins and methods of the Universe.

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