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Use our macOS application and Apple Pages to create photos books faster and easier than ever.

If you've never used our App, here's a quick run down of how it works:

How the Presto Photo App Works
  1. Download the App and choose a template
  2. Create and edit your book using Apple Pages
  3. Export to PDF and upload with a web browser
  4. Add to shopping cart and receive a Custom Photo Book!

Start by downloading our app below. From there, install a Apple Pages template from the list provided. Customize it with your own photos, and export it to be uploaded to Presto Photo. Fill out all the neccesary information, place your order, and a customized photo book will be shipped directly to you! Simple, easy, and at a price none of our competitors can beat.

macOS App Download

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Latest Release available in macOS App Store:

Download the Presto Photo App on the Mac App Store

Version 2.1.3
Sep 28, 2019

Direct Download
Suggested Requirements:
macOS 10.12+ (High Sierra)
Apple Pages 7.0 and above (much improved and strongly recommended, 8.0 works fine as well)
Minimum Requirements:
macOS 10.10+ (Yosemite).
Apple Pages 5.0

Use the Presto Photo Templates App

Select your book template with the Presto Photo Templates App

Create Book in Apple Pages

Creating your photo book in Apple Pages

Order your book on Presto Photos website

Order your book on Presto Photos website

Not sure what size you need? No problem!

Auto Scale your books to the size you want

It's easy to print your photo book big, small, or both! Using our Auto-Scale feature, our Landscape Photo Books can be printed at the normal Apple Photo Book Sizes like 13"x10" and 11"x8.5", but are also available in 14"x11", 10"x8", and 9"x7". After all, we like options too! You can also change from large hardcover photo book to a small softcover photo book with ease, so you can order whatever book you want, however you like.

Looking for tips?

Check out or Tips and Tricks page for information on placing or resizing your photos, changing background colors, and more!

Live Chat Hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM EST

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