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Comics and Graphic Novels

Comics & Graphic Novels

At Presto Photo we print in 24 Sizes, including (but not limited to) the industry stantard 6.625"x10.25" softcover, for your comic or graphic novel. Print full color covers and interiors and have Hardcover, Softcover, or Saddle Stitch for your binding options.

Zines and Sketchbooks

Zines and Sketchbooks

Print out your Zine or Sketchbook with comfort and ease. Design it yourself with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or any design software and Upload the PDF. If you have more of a 'photo-copied DIY' approach, just upload the individual scanned pages to our Online Designer Tool. Our Mini Photo Books is a great option for this type of project.

Art Portfolio

Art Portfolio

Showcase your pin-ups, illustrations, covers, interior work, or coloring with a Art Portfolio. Take it to conventiones present your work to comic editors, comic writers, or other comic artists like yourself, or to sell at a table or in your online shop.

Design it once, print it however you like

When you design a comic book with Presto Photo, you can switch between Hardcover, Softcover, and Saddlestitch options as long as they are available for the size of the comic book designed. Order some in Softcover, a few in Hardcover, whatever works for you. For Zines and Sketchbooks, we also have Mini Photo Books in hardcover and softcover as well.

Comic Book Printing in Hardcover, Softcover, and Saddle Stick
Paper Sample Kit

Free Paper Sample Kit

Curious about how our paper looks and feels before you jump in? Check out our Free Paper Product Sample Kits and see which of our papers is right for you. Also included are examples of our Semi-Gloss and Matte 300 Photo Papers, which are used for our Photo Print Sets.

Free Paper Sample Kit
Full Bleed Comic Book Printing

Full Bleed Printing

We offer Full Bleed printing for comic book printing in all sizes for every page in the book. Our printing is acid free with popping colors, and you can print a comic from 20 - 400 pages, though for tight binding we suggest a 300 page maximum. If a hard cover is a preferable we suggest adding padding around the panel pages and printing an 8.5"x11" hardcover. Contact our support team

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Customer Support

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