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Print your scrapbooks as loose prints or professionally bound books!

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Love Book

Love Scrapbook

Your love story deserves to be remebered. First text messeges, dates, and more can be preserved in a photo book for your love!

Baby Book

Adoption Scrapbook

Creating a photo book of the process that made your family complete can be a loving tribute for everyone.

Personal History

Baby Scrapbook

Preserve your baby's firsts with a photo book. Time flies and you want to hold on to every moment of your little one that you possibly can!

One Book, Many Sizes

PrestoPhoto offers the most paper, sizing, and binding options of any scrapbook printing company. Create a scrapbook and print your creation in any of these sizes, all in a single order!

  • Loose Prints 12"x12" and 8.5"x11"

    Single-Sided (Simplex) or Double-Sided (Duplex) prints available with four different types of paper.

  • 12"x12" Photo Book

    12x12" books are offered in Hardcover, Softcover and Die-cut in 3 different papers.

  • 10"x10" Photo Book

    Hardcover, Softcover, and Material Wrap with embossed front cover image.

  • 8.5"x8.5" Photo Book

    8.5"x8.5" books are offered in Hardcover, Softcover and Die-cut in 3 different papers.

  • 5"x5" Mini Photo Book

    5"x5" books are offered in Imagewrap Hardcover and a Softcover 2-Pack in 3 different papers.

  • 3.5"x3.5" Mini Photo Book

    3.5"x3.5" books are offered in an Imagewrap Softcover 3-Pack in 3 different papers.

Design Guidelines

One of the most important things to remember when creating scrap pages for inclusion in a bound book is that all publishers crop (trim) the pages prior to binding them. Fortunately, it is easy to accommodate the trim if you follow these guidelines. Simply remember not to place anything of importance within a 1/2" of any edge. Although trim is usually only a 1/4", it is better to play it safe. See our design guidelines and Cropping & Bleed page for more details.

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Customer Support

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Price and Product

Price & Product

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