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20x24 Canvas Prints

Our 20"x24" Canvas Prints come in True and Faux Canvas wraps and at .75" and 1.5" thicknesses with wall hanging equipment included.

20x24 Canvas Print

Curious About Our Canvas?

Looking for ways to add a bit of your team’s colors to your living space? Decorating the sports cave? Our custom canvas prints are a great way to show off your team spirit!

20x24 Canvas Print

20"x24" Canvas Print Custom Printed Wall Art Specifications
.75" Gallery WrapCanvas Print
.75" Gallery Wrap
Canvas Print
1.5" Gallery WrapFaux Canvas Print
1.5" Gallery Wrap
Faux Canvas Print
Price $76.99 $49.99
Description Professional, white canvas wrapped around a durable wooden frame with perfect corners. A lightweight and easy to hang product. Printed on faux canvas with an integrated frame
Final Dimensions 20” x 24” 20” x 24”
Upload Dimensions 20” x 24”
6000 x 7200 px
20” x 24”
6000 x 7200 px
Mounting / Material ¾” Gallery Wrap, Solid Pine (aka Wood) Frame, Hanging hardware is included 1 ½” Gallery Wrap, Integrated Polystyrene (aka Foam) Frame, Hanging hardware is included
Production Time 4-5 Business Days 4-5 Business Days
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