8x10 Metal Prints

Our 8"x10" Metal Prints come in an ultra gloss finish with pre-installed wall hanging equipment.

8x10 Metal Print

Our (Not-SO) Heavy Metals

Celebrate your favorite athlete, or just decorate your home with your favorite images. Our custom metal prints are a great addition to any room!

8x10 Metal Print

8"x10" Metal Print Custom Printed Wall Art Specifications
.18" Ultra Gloss PanelMetal Print
.18" Ultra Gloss Panel
Metal Print
Price $24.99
Description The beautiful, high gloss finish and strong, durable aluminum make the Ultra Gloss metal print ideal for photographs and full color artwork.
Final Dimensions 8” x 10”
Upload Dimensions 8” x 10”
2400 x 3000 px
Mounting / Material ⅛” (3mm) Rigid Aluminum Sheet, Hanging bracket pre-installed on back of panel
Production Time 4-5 Business Days
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