Wall Art Quick Tips

Wall Art Quick Tips

Helpful little tips in creating your wall art masterpieces!

Creating Your Collage

Create a custom collage with our online wall art templates! Sometimes one image just doesn't tell the whole story. With our collage templates your wall art can be a completely customized display! The video below goes step-by-step through how to create, change and perfect your collage template within our online designer.

12 by 36 Panoramic Acrylic Collage Wall Print

Panoramic Collage Wall Art

Our collage templates fit perfectly in our panoramic sizes and make the perfect statement pieces in any home. Take in as much as you can with panoramic wall prints in metal, acrylic, faux canvas and canvas!

Some Insight On Resolution

To keep your wall art images looking as sharp up close as they are from across the room, it's important to pay attention to the resolution of the image uploaded. Uploading your image at 300 DPI is a sure fire way to have a crisp canvas, awesome acrylice or marvelous metal hanging on your wall. For a further explanation on resolution, check out our Understanding Resolution help page!