5x7 Metal Prints

Our 5"x7" Metal Prints come in an ultra gloss finish with pre-installed wall hanging equipment.

5x7 Metal Print

Our (Not-SO) Heavy Metals

Lightweight and durable, our metal prints are a great way to display your family photos, line arts, and more! These are sure to make your images shine.

5x7 Metal Print

5"x7" Metal Print Custom Printed Wall Art Specifications
.18" Ultra Gloss PanelMetal Print
.18" Ultra Gloss Panel
Metal Print
Price $14.99
Description The beautiful, high gloss finish and strong, durable frame make the Ultra Gloss metal print ideal for photographs full color artwork.
Final Dimensions 5” x 7”
Upload Dimensions 5” x 7”
1500 x 2100 px
Mounting / Material ⅛” (3mm) Two Aluminum Sheets with Resin Core, Hanging bracket pre-installed on back of panel
Production Time 4-5 Business Days
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