8x8 Metal Prints

Our 8"x8" Metal Prints come in an ultra gloss or brushed matte finish with pre-installed wall hanging equipment.

8x8 Metal Print

Our (Not-SO) Heavy Metals

Need to add a little balance to your room decor? Want to set a lighthearted mood in your home? Our custom metal prints make the perfect addition to any space.

8x8 Metal Print

8"x8" Metal Print Custom Printed Wall Art Specifications
.18" Ultra Gloss PanelMetal Print
.18" Ultra Gloss Panel
Metal Print
Price $24.99
Description The beautiful, high gloss finish and strong, durable aluminum make the Ultra Gloss metal print ideal for photographs and full color artwork.
Final Dimensions 8” x 8”
Upload Dimensions 8” x 8”
2400 x 2400 px
Mounting / Material ⅛” (3mm) Rigid Aluminum Sheet, Hanging bracket pre-installed on back of panel
Production Time 4-5 Business Days
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Awesome Art of My Little Kitties.

by Roxanna Ramos, 23 Nov 2017 (08:00 UTC)
  1. prestophoto allows you to turn your photos into priceless works of art. Lol, I say priceless because your memories and the moments you capture are priceless ....to you.

It took a little bit to figure my way around the interface, but once I did it was smooth sailing from there. Which is not a bad idea for a future photo art project.... Imagine a big 12x36 of a sunset from a sailboat. When you come to the site there are no limits to the projects you can create. From Metal to canvas, to acrylic, panoramic to standard size art, it really all depends on you and what you desire.
I suggest looking at the how to's on the site and creating your collage (if you intend on adding more than one photo to your project) in Photoshop. The suggested dimensions of your entire photo will be on the project site and will depend on the size of the project you create. Make sure the photos you select are clear and above 2 MB. The limit size of the entire project will be on your creator dashboard.

We were so anxious to get the metal print of our loving cats and it was more than what we expected. The details of our little ones were great. This way of cherishing your photos forever is the best way to go. I hope to do it again and perhaps try the acrylic or canvas next. This is perfect to commemorate family gatherings and a great idea for a present to the one you love. The memories will last forever, not like photos that fade away.
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