5 Inexpensive and Berry Fun Summer Activities

Get your summer fun on!

We’re all there: July is quickly coming to a close, bringing with it the leaves of fall and the desks of school. With school supply shopping upon us (our favorite time at Presto!) it can get a little too hectic and expensive to be thinking of things to do to savor this little summertime we have left. But fear not - we’re here to give you a little help in that department!

What were some of your favorite summer activities when you were a kid? Playing with friends and family, picnicking, and just having fun before you had to go back to school? While those sorts of things might escape us as adults, there’s no reason they need to! To save you from the rush of summer, we’re giving you 5 (+1 for good luck!) things you can do during these last few weeks of the heat. The best part: these either cost very little or nothing at all.

  1. Go berry picking. How long has it been since you ran through fields of fruit, getting ridiculously messy? If the answer is never, then you have got to do this one! There are plenty of ways to find local farms that allow you to pick your own berries for a pretty reasonable cost. You can certainly eat them while picking (can you say yes please?) but you can also take them home to decorate desserts, make jam, or just make a huge, fun mess with them.
  2. Get out and drive. This one will either require a little bit of legwork or a lot of courage, but taking a summertime road trip can be so rewarding! Whether you stay within a few hours drive of home or go cross-country, it’s definitely about the journey and not the destination. Especially since you may not know what that destination is.
  3. Go picnicking. Picnicking has to be one of the most versatile outings. It can be family friendly with frisbees and games, friend-friendly with frisbees and games, or romantic-friendly with a shady, secluded spot and probably also frisbees. This also only requires the food in your fridge - unless you want to get fancy, that is. Just find some delicious combinations, pack them in the basket with a blanket, and get to that perfect picnic spot (indoors or outdoors)!
  4. Board games - not bored games. Board games can be so much more than something you do when the power goes out! If you don’t already have one they can be easily picked up from most chain stores for around $10 and can accommodate 2 to quite a few people. Gather round the board with some awesome people and start playing how the cavemen used to. ;)
  5. Make art. Inside or outside, the only requirement other than the medium used, is creativity and determination. Paint/draw/dance among the outdoors or use your imagination and paint/draw/dance indoors. Art doesn’t care where you make it - only that you do.
  6. One more: have fun! All of these are well and good for activity inspiration, but the biggest takeaway should be to have fun! While we hope you do that all year, be take advantage of the warm, sweet air and have some fun outside. Or, you know, inside if there’s another crazy summer storm happening!

Now, give us a little inspiration! What are your favorite summertime activities?