Turn Your Cards into Books

A how-to on how to turn old Post Cards, Greeting Cards, and the like into a beautiful book of Memories.

Now you can keep your cards without the clutter! If you have a scanner and the will to put in some effort, we’ve got a pretty simple way to keep all of your favorite cards for years to come.

Step 1: Gather your cards
Whether they’re holiday cards, birthday cards, or “just because” cards, choose which the ones you’d like to hold onto and wouldn’t mind missing the physical card. Toss the ones you don’t want to keep.

Step 2: Prepare to scan
Here comes the effort! Ready your cards and scan both the front and back of each. You can take breaks or do it all in one go, though you might find one back ache is a little better than many ;)

Step 3: Upload your photos to PrestoPhoto
Start a project and click the Upload button - it's as easy as that! Though you can create a PDF if you’re feeling extra creative!

Step 4: The fun begins
Once everything is scanned and uploaded, you get to create! Drag and drop your photos onto pages with or without templates. You choose how your book is done - including adding text and using your favorite templates.

Step 5: Checkout
You’ve finished the creative process, now it’s time to place your order, wait, and get excited for your new card keepsake to arrive. You should also get pretty excited about how much less clutter you now have!

The great thing about this process is it’s not just for cards! You can do this for artwork, old scrapbooks or photo albums, almost anything you’d like combined into a book.