macOS Mojave 10.14 Update Caution: Apple Photos Book Project Editing is Disabled

Thinking about updating to macOS 10.14 Mojave? If you make book projects with Apple Photos you might want to read this before you do.

macOS Mojave and Apple Photo Books Caution

By Tim Weaver

Designer at Presto Photo

On September 24th, 2018 we got a great new macOS update, 10.14 Mojave, with some nice new features (dark mode, hello!), but it came at the expense of one of our favorite features in Apple Photos: native custom photo book project creation with Photos. When you update to macOS Mojave, you can no longer edit books created with Apple Photos project editor. Apple Photos made making photo books within the Mac environment super easy and simple, and now with that update, you can no longer do so.

We here at Presto Photo are pretty bummed about this development. A lot of beautiful books that come through our doors are made with Apple Photos. If you are still working on a photo book creation we suggest that you complete it before upgrading to Mojave, otherwise a lot of that hard work you put into getting every detail correct will be lost.

Export to PDF instead of Buy Book Button

If you have already upgraded to Mojave

If you've already completed the update, something you might notice is the Buy Book button is gone. Apple Print products are being discontinued on September 30th, but slightly ahead of that date if you upgrade to Mojave, that is gone as well. Thankfully, your projects still have a Export to PDF option available. What do you do with that though? Not to toot our own horn, but we happen to love printing those books, so if you have a personalized photo book order you need to place and can't any longer with Apple, upload that PDF onto Presto and we'll print it for you.

The future of personalized photo book services

As for future photo book services, Apple has created a Photos Extension API that printers can tap into. Unfortunately, the current extensions are proprietary and have no flexibility in where you print your book. So, what now?

Presto Photo App + Apple Pages

The most troubling aspect of photo books is discontinued proprietary book software that traps your hard work where you can no longer access it. We think this sucks. Presto Photo has chosen to utilize the awesome and freely available Apple Pages. This allows you to export your digital photo book as a PDF, giving the freedom to print with any provider.

Your favorite Apple Photos Templates and layouts are available as Apple Pages Templates. Either download our app from the macOS App Store or directly from our site.

Download the Presto Photo App on the Mac App Store Direct Download

One last thing to note, if you happen to use Aperture or iPhoto to create your photo books, you are still in luck: Mojave doesn't change anything for you. Keep on keepin' on making those gorgeous digital photo books.

Author Tim Weaver

Tim Weaver

Tim is a North Carolina native, extreme book geek, and sometimes thinks he's an artist. When he's not whipping up amazing graphics and designs for Presto Photo, he's probably sipping a coffee with his cat and organizing his art book collection.


Missing photos from finished projects after update to mojave

by Erin Spazt, 01 Dec 2018 (03:03 UTC)
Is there anyway to get back missing photos from a finished photo book project in Mac photos after updating to mojave??? My projects were finished and after the update photos are mysteriously missing. I’m soooo sad and up set. I don’t want to re make as it was HOURS of work! Help please