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Presto Stories

Stories that inspire us at PrestPhoto

Making a photo book in Apple Pages

Making a Apple Photo Book with Apple Pages

Starting a new Photo Book can be daunting, but we're trying to make it a little easier with these simple steps for Apple Pages.

Photo Book Creation Guide

Creating a Photo Book

Starting off a new Photo Book can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling on that Photo Book.

Book Designer Amy Payne Interview

Interview with Adoption Profile Books Designer Amy Payne

We got in touch with Amy Payne of Amy Payne Photography, and she was kind enough to chat with us about the work she does on adoption profile books.

Susan Hanes Traveling Central Asia

Susan Hanes: Traveling The Caucasus and Central Asia

A story covering Susan Hanes and her travels of Central Asia and the Caucasus, and the beautiful photos she took along the way.

Dreamline Brands

Karen Monte: Bringing Dreamline Brands to Life

Interview with Karen Monte of Dreamline Brands about what drives her to do what she does and how PrestoPhoto helps bring her vision to life.

Fireworks Photo

Take Better Firework Pictures

An indepth look on how to take better photo's of Fireworks on the Fourth of July or New Years, courtesy of Chip Ormsby from Chipped Photography.

Presto Stories is a collection of stories, interviews, tips, and even recipes that we have collected over the years to show off some of the things we care about the most: topics that affect our customers, which affect us. We here at PrestoPhoto want to bring these stories to light and share them, so here they are. If you have a good idea for a potential Presto Story, please contact us.