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This unique size is just perfect for your company look books, family genealogy books and so much more! Our photo books have just the right stuff to make your memories last a lifetime

13"x10" Custom Printed Hardcover Photo Book Specifications
13x10 Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book with Lustre 200 Photo Paper Lustre 200 Photo Paper
13x10 Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book with Premium 150 Photo Paper Premium 150 Photo Paper
13x10 Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book with Silk 120 Photo Paper Silk 120 Photo Paper
Binding Style Imagewrap Hardcover Lustre 200 Photo Paper Dust Jacket Available Imagewrap Hardcover Premium 150 Photo Paper Dust Jacket Available Imagewrap Hardcover Silk 120 Photo Paper Dust Jacket Available
Description Lustre 200 paper has the truest color reproduction and heaviest weight available for our 13"x10" Imagewrap Hardcover Book. Premium 150 paper has a slight gloss and great color reproduction for your 13"x10" Imagewrap Hardcover Book. Silk 120 is the thinnest we offer, similar to the pages of a magazine and will make your 11"x8.5" Imagewrap Hardcover Book have a softer image quality.
Price Starting at $42.99 Based on 20 Page Book Binding: $19.99 Per Page: $1.15 Starting at $36.99 Based on 20 Page Book Binding: $19.99 Per Page: $0.85 Starting at $31.99 Based on 20 Page Book Binding: $19.99 Per Page: $0.60
Pages 14 to 275 13 to 500 13 to 500
Final Dimensions 13” x 10” 13” x 10” 13” x 10”
PDF Dimensions 13.25” x 10.25” 3975px x 3075px 13.25” x 10.25” 3975px x 3075px 13.25” x 10.25” 3975px x 3075px
Production Time 5-10 Business Days 5-10 Business Days 5-10 Business Days
Interior Pages Full Color Full Color Full Color
Spine Yes Yes Yes


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Photo Collage

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Format Available

by gaurav_squarez, 18 Jun 2016 (07:16 UTC)

Please let me know if this format is still available as I am making my portfolio with this format. When I click on the Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook Premium 150 photo paper link https://www.prestophoto.com/help/Product+Catalog it says page not found.

Also I need to know whether I have to make the Imagewrap hardcover of size 13.25" x 10.75". I wish to print at least 10 copies of approximately 80 pages, each $ 87.99 per book. So please let me know what will be the total cost of shipping to Italy.

Thank You

Re: Format Available

by Meghan Haviland, 23 Jun 2016 (15:27 UTC)
Hi Gaurav!

Thank you for posting. And thanks for letting us know about that link! We've just updated it. This is indeed available!

The cover dimensions you mentioned will work well. You just want to make sure that all important content (like text and faces) is kept at least 1 inch from the edge as you are designing. :)

As for pricing, you will receive 10% off for an order of 10 books. Shipping is based on your exact address and the weight of the books you are ordering and will be calculated in your cart. We also have a quick shipping quote calculator on the Webstore page once your book is uploaded.

I hope this helps! For speedier assistance with any additional questions, please email us at support@prestophoto.com or hop on Live Chat; our hours are hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm US Eastern Time. :)

Warm regards,

Re: Format Available

by gaurav_squarez, 04 Jul 2016 (12:12 UTC)

Thank you for your reply. Up to how much MB size file can I upload for printing of this format?

Thank You

Re: Format Available

by Shantelle, 26 Jul 2016 (14:59 UTC)
Hello again! We don't have a specific file size restriction, we just recommend your file being under 2 GB. :)

Please let us know if you have any other questions at support@prestophoto.com!

Spiral bound portrait layout

by emaildauphinett, 24 Jan 2015 (14:29 UTC)
I am looking for a spiral bound book with a portrait layout to be used as a 366 day perpetual calendar that stands up. It would have 6 months of front facing pages and the remaining six months printed on the reverse side. Do you offer anything like this/ Thank you for your help.

Re: Spiral bound portrait layout

by Shantelle, 24 Jan 2015 (16:25 UTC)
Hi there!
At this time we do not offer a spiral-bound portrait book. You can take a look at our full Product offering at our Product Catalog here: www.prestophoto.com/help/Product+Catalog :)

Please let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at support@prestophoto.com!

by Valerie Neale, 08 Aug 2013 (03:33 UTC)
I was hoping for the largest size possible, but wanted a dust jacket hard cover. If I go with the 12.5x10 wire bound, what happens to the inside flaps of my dust jacket design? Do they get printed as the inside of the wire-bound cover, or do they just disappear?

Perfect binding

by saved, 23 Mar 2012 (21:01 UTC)
Is there any way to print this size with perfect binding instead of the spiral? This is a photo book of my wedding, and when our designer started the project (over a year ago), she swore that there was a perfect bound option. So she designed the photo book in 12.5x10 format. But we don't want spiral binding. Anything you can do to help us out?

Re: Perfect binding

by PrestoPhoto Support, 26 Mar 2012 (14:41 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

Our 12.5x10 trim size can only be printed with the Wire-O binding. However, if the project was created within the Designer this ratio size can also print the 11x8.5 and 9x7 trim sizes as well. You can read more about what the 8.5x11 trim size offeres here: http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/11x8.5+Photo+Books

If you have any further questions please let us know!

PrestoPhoto support

Is Premium printing available?

by FHL, 26 Mar 2011 (01:43 UTC)
Dear PrestoPhoto,

I'm so glad I found a place to get photobooks at such an affordable price! I'm particularly interested in the hardcover portfolio because it's lay-flat. However, I don't see Premium printing listed as an option. Is it available? Thanks!
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