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Mini Books

Mini Books

Mini books make great brag book for parents and grandparents and 5.25"x3.5" is the perfect size to fit in a man's shirt pocket. Creating your personalized unique souvenir is also fun! They are capable of generating smiles for both creators and viewers by their insouciant appearance and fun-loving size.

Even in the mini sizes our softcover books are built to impress with laminated covers that make colors pop and full-bleed images available on every page (and they're all acid-free, by the way).

The 7"x5" is a master size and the other mini books in this series can easily be auto-scaled from this size. In the bookmaking process choose "7x5" size, and all mini-book sizes will be available at check-out.

5.25""x3.5" Bound Photo Book Specifications
Product FamilyLandscape Photo Books
Min/Max Pages: 20 to 100*
Interior PaperDigital Silk
Final Dimensions5.25"x3.5" (133x89mm)
PDF Upload Dimensions5.5"x3.75" (140x95mm)
Cover BindingPerfect bound
SpinePerfect, No text on spine
Production Time4-7 Business Days

  • For best results, the page count should be less than 100. Binding may not hold up well for books with 100 pages or more.

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