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how do I add profit to the price listed?

by diane davis, 27 Nov 2018 (02:09 UTC)
I want to add profit to the price, how do I do that?

Rush Jobs

by Ya Lan Young, 26 Oct 2018 (18:22 UTC)
Hello, Do you do rush prints? I have 5 hardcover books i need delivered by Nov 2nd -3 to Maine.

Printing a book from multiple PDFs

by A Clark, 17 Sep 2018 (19:18 UTC)
I have many PDFs that I want to print into a photo book. I can't seem to upload multiple PDFs for one book. Each time it loads one PDF, it deletes the PDF that I uploaded before. Is there a way to do this?


Re: Printing a book from multiple PDFs

by MJ, 19 Sep 2018 (17:53 UTC)
Hi Amanda,

I believe we spoke a few days ago about this, but I'll post my reply on here as well in case others have the same question (:
We do not have the ability to combine PDF's on our end, though there are a few alternatives that have worked for many customers of ours.

If you're using a MAC, Apple Preview is a great tool that allows you to combine PDF's right on your desktop!
If you're using a PC, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat program (or find a similar program) that can combine PDF's for you.

For any additional questions, please email us at

Warm Regards,

by pttypowell, 26 Aug 2018 (15:56 UTC)
I ordered 3 different page layouts and received 4 of the same page. And paid for these would like to know where the other 2 pages are and why did i receive 4 of the same page/


by MJ, 27 Aug 2018 (20:38 UTC)
Hi Patty!

Thanks so much for your post and for letting us know (:

The project that you submitted for print only contains one single page. You ordered multiple copies of this project, which is why you received the same page multiple. I do see that we are working with you via email!

If you have any other questions, just let us know!

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support


by Richard Smith, 21 Aug 2018 (20:42 UTC)
Hi - I'm shocked (and a bit devastated) by the loss of the printing service, but have a hope rising as I see you can do it as well as Apple. Several questions:
I'm in the UK, presumably no problem, but what are the shipping costs for a 'standard' album? That could be a deal killer.
When I create a pdf from Photos some pictures are distorted, sideways or even upside down. What can I do about that?
Is there a discount for multiples (like 4 or 5)?

Re: Shocked

by MJ, 27 Aug 2018 (20:42 UTC)
Hi Richard!

Thanks so much for reaching out (:

We are definitely also shocked by the discontinuation of the Print Services by Apple. We will however do what we can to pick up where they are leaving off!

We are not able to estimate shipping costs on our end, as this will depend on the weight of the package, the destination, shipping carrier, etc. You can however get a rough estimate on shipping costs by following the steps on this page: (:

I'm not familiar with Photos rotating images, however it sounds like there might be an issue with your Exported PDF. I'd be happy to take a look at the issue you're referring to (if you could send screenshots to I can look at those for you!) We do have a great Apple Help Page for creating with Apple here:

We do offer a bulk discount starting at only 5 copies (: You can read more on that here:

If you have any additional questions, just let me know!

Warm Regards,


by Madison K Resare, 04 May 2018 (15:36 UTC)
I read that my two books would be shipped within 2-5 days. Now I get my confirmation email and it says it won't arrive till the 15. I will no longer be living here at that time. So I need to either cancel my order or change the address, or find a way to get it here sooner.


by esardera, 19 Mar 2018 (16:01 UTC)
Nevermind I see the live chat link on the right works:)
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