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Print photo books in many sizes and bindings. Available in hardcover, softcover, layflat, and more!

A variety of the photo books Prestophoto Offers

About Our Photo Books

Here at PrestoPhoto, we pride ourselves on offering an enormous amount of products for awesome prices! Photo Books are our specialty and we don’t skimp on the quality. From sizes as small as 3.75x2.5 to our largest 14x11, we’ve got so much to offer.

We know that deciding on what product to buy can be tricky, especially with so many options, so this page goes over the different options you have when designing your projects! We are the apple photo books experts!

What We Offer

To learn more about the range of products we offer, check out our help pages linked below!

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Let's Get Started!

We’ve got tons of options on how you can create your projects with us!

Create Online with our Book Designer

Our award winning Online Book Designer online photo book software works with your browser. No download is needed!

Upload a Completed PDF

If you’re familiar with other creation software, such as Apple Aperture or Adobe InDesign, you can use those to create your projects! Simply choose a creation software and design your book there. Once you have that all ready, just Upload your PDF to the site!

We've Got Options!

Offering more sizes than any other On-Demand printer, we’re sure you’ll find the right product for you. Customizing your books is easy to! Choose from Hardcover, Softcover, Premium Photo Paper or our more budget friendly paper options, and even small or large, we’ve got it.

A Variety Of Sizes

Each product is different, and we know that picking the right size is so important when creating your books. This is why we offer as many sizes as we do. Including mini books and even large format books, our selection is sure to have just what you’re looking for!

You can see a full list of all of our product offerings on our Product Catalog.

Paper Types Galore!

In order to give you the best product for your projects, we’ve provided our customers with an incredible amount of paper options. Whether you’re working with a tight budget, or want to highest quality possible, we’ve got just the thing.

You can see a full list of all of our paper types on our Paper Types page.

A Few More FAQ's

Prices are determined by book size, paper type, page count, and even quantity. There is a base cost for the binding, and a per page cost.

For exact pricing on each product, please see our Product Catalog.

We offer a great variety paper types! Check out our Photo Paper Types page for more information on the different paper types we offer.

From Saddle-Stitch to Wire-O, our Book Bindings range from classic to unique. Take a look at our Book Bindings and Covers page for more information on the type of binding our books use!

We offer affordable Ship Options and Delivery Times ranging from SuperSaver, which takes 2-3 weeks, up to FedEx Overnight.

All of our books come with our PrestoPhoto logo on the back cover. The logo is ghosted, so that it doesn’t distract from your cover content. You have 6 different placement options for our logo, such as Bottom Center, or Top Right.

For our customers who would rather not have our logo included, during checkout, there is a Remove Logo From Book option. This option costs $10 per project/per order. We also offer a Professional Membership for our professional clients who would like the logo removed from all of their future orders!

Placing a large order can be a bit nerve wracking, but we’re here to help!

When working with Bulk Orders, we always suggest proofing your order first. A proof will give you the opportunity to review your margins, image quality, spelling, etc, and edit if desired. It ensures you know exactly what you will receive when the production is completed. If a proof is waived we will not be able to print re-orders due to concerns with the uploaded file or pictures (ex: a spelling mistake, content trimmed or folded that's under the crop-guides, poor picture quality, blurry or pixelated images due to low dpi, 3-piece spine, spine-text not aligned properly, unsatisfactory pdf results due to software - see: our PDF Specs, which is why a proof is so highly recommended.

Learn more about placing large orders on out Bulk Orders page!

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Best ratio for photos

by Peter Campbell, 04 Dec 2011 (21:59 UTC)
Hi Team, I have just purchased a new camera which allows me to select the ratio size for the photos that I 'll take. It can be 16:9 or 4:3 ( plus others). I understand that the 16:9 ratio will be best when displaying my photos on a widescreen TV . I'm just checking if that ration ( 16:9 ) will reproduce well in the printed books that you do. If I set the camera to the 16:9 ration is there an optimum book size that I should use for PrestoPhoto to make my books. Hope this makes sense. Kind regards Peter

Re: Best ratio for photos

by PrestoPhoto Support, 05 Dec 2011 (21:31 UTC)
Hi Peter,

Our 3:2 ratio is our widest ratio, but unfortunately has the fewest books choices. Our advice would be to choose the ratio on your camera that offers the maximum pixel dimensions. Most sensors in cameras are either 3:2 (professional) or 4:3 (consumer). The 16:9 and 3:2 ratios on many cameras are frequently just a cropped 4:3 image - so it is actually *smaller* than a 4:3. It would be best to capture as many pictures as possible, and then decide on your own cropping later. Check your camera manual for details, and take a few examples to check.

Does that help?


by ANA MONTELONGO, 11 Nov 2011 (12:40 UTC)
shopping a school yearbook. Details:
Qty: 100, Pages: 140, Size: 8.5x11, Full Color
Full Color Hard Cover Custom Design Binding

Is there a bulk pricing discount?
How far in advance do you need layout?
What is the shipping & Tax Cost?
What is the final price with everything (binding, layout, shipping, tax, etc) included
Thank you

Re: Ana

by PrestoPhoto Support, 11 Nov 2011 (15:51 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto, thank you for your question!

We can certainly assist you with a yearbook and a quote!

Our customers are so excited about the excellent yearbook service offered here at PrestoPhoto that we recently opened a sister-company that is dedicated specifically to yearbooks! You can visit it at The pricing and process is much the same, however the focus is wholly on Yearbooks!

You can view any PrestoPhoto product that we offer as well as accomplish a free quote by visiting our Product Catalog: The best part is that it automatically calculates the bulk discount into the quote.

An Imagewrap hardcover, 140 page, 8.5x11, 100 copies with Express Photo silk paper is: $4844.15

If you have any further questions please let us know and we will do our best to help!

PrestoPhoto support

Image Size & DPI

by Ruth, 03 Jun 2011 (15:29 UTC)
I have uploaded all my pictures into the photo project. They are low dpi but very large in size. I know you say that i should upload them as 300 dpi but the overall size of the images are 10-15mb so are very large.

Does your software shrink down the image, so will it appear higher dpi?

Re: Image Size & DPI

by Ruth, 03 Jun 2011 (16:51 UTC)
Greetings Ruth,

Thank you for your question!

Most image formats like JPEG and PNG simply have fixed resolution that is raw pixel dimensions, like 2550x3300. If you print those pixels in a defined area, say 8.5" x 11", you will see you now have 2550 pixels / 8.5" = 300 pixels per inch, or "ppi". Similarly, 3300 pixels / 11" = 300 ppi.
For modern digital printers, "pixels" and "dots" are equivalent.
Some formats, like TIFF and PDF have dimensions *and* resolution.

Browsing through your gallery most of your photos seem fine to go to print. Even if they come shy of 300 dpi. Once images get over 150, the printer does a great job quality. The visual difference between 250dpi and 300dpi for example is almost indistinguishable.

-PrestoPhoto Support

My Angel and me

by anne, 13 Apr 2011 (20:27 UTC)
I just created a picture book and it says I have low DPI. Is this going to be a problem? Also I go to "My Projects" and my book is a black square. I can't seem to see what it will look like.

Re: My Angel and me

by PrestoPhoto Support, 20 Apr 2011 (16:44 UTC)

If your DPI is too low then the pictures won't turn out very well. We recommend them to be at 300dpi. What are yours? It seems you just need to upload a cover :)

If you have anymore questions send us a note at

PrestoPhoto support

I am tring to order a book I can not see what it will look like after the upload?

by Marie, 01 Mar 2011 (03:22 UTC)
I just uploaded pic for a book, How can I review it before I buy it?

Re: I am tring to order a book I can not see what it will look like after the upload?

by PrestoPhoto Support, 20 Apr 2011 (16:45 UTC)

You can review your book during checkout. Click Layout preview :)

Hope this helps!

PrestoPhoto support
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