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Apple iPhoto Book Printing

Print Apple iPhoto, Photos or Aperture Book with PrestoPhoto!

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Did you know Apple will stop printing Apple Photo Books on September 30th, 2018? If you're looking for Apple Photo Book printing alternatives you've come to the right place. At Presto Photo we use the exact same printing specifications and the exact same templates so you get the exact same quality Apple Books you love. We're here to help and we'll answer all of your questions below.

How Do You Print an Apple Photo Book?

How Presto Photo prints Apple Photo Books

Our Apple Photo Book Printing is the same, or better, than Apple's printing in nearly every way. We have painstakingly created a product that feels similar to what you love, while also giving you more options to choose from than ever before.

  1. PDF Exports from Aperture®, iPhoto®, Photos, or the Presto Photo App
  2. Upload the book to Presto Photo
  3. Pick your Photo Book Options and Order!

Presto Photo can print Apple Photo Books using a wide variety of file types.

Presto Photo Apple
Print PDF Photo Books?
Yes No
Print Aperture Photo Books?
Yes No
Print iPhoto Photo Books?
Yes No
Print Apple Photos Photo Books?
Yes No

Where are our Apple Photo Books Printed?

Presto Photo has partnered with a large printing partner that uses the same printing process that Apple did, though there are some minor changes. Even though Apple will no longer be printing Apple Books, Presto Photo provides the same high-quality Apple Photo books. If you're looking for the best Apple Photo Book printing alternative, we got you covered, front to back.

Do you have Apple Photo Book templates?

Presto Photo has all of your favorite templates from Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture and more! We have built an extensive template collection from your favorite Apple applications, so you can continue to create Apple Photo Books with the same style and design.

Supported Apple Programs

Apple Photos Logo
  • Photos 1
  • Photos 2
  • Photos 3
Apple Aperture Logo
  • Aperture 3
Apple iPhoto Logo
  • iPhoto '06 (6.0)
  • iPhoto '08 (7.0)
  • iPhoto '09 (8.0)
  • iPhoto '11 (9.0)

Quick Guides for Photos, iPhoto®, and Aperture®

Apple has discontinued their own printing, however PrestoPhoto can happily still print for these programs. Make your photo book in any program and enjoy PrestoPhoto's size options and great everyday pricing. It is easy, and only takes a few steps!

Apple Photos Guide
Apple Photos logo


  1. Complete your book in Photos
  2. From within the project, CTRL+CLICK (or right-click) on the background to and select "Save as PDF..."
  3. Upload the PDF to PrestoPhoto
Photos Printing Help

Apple iPhoto Guide
iPhoto Logo


  1. Complete your book in iPhoto
  2. Save your book as a Special Book PDF, CTRL+CLICK (or right-click) on iPhoto background to activate extra menu.
  3. Upload the PDF to PrestoPhoto
iPhoto® Printing Help

Apple Aperture Guide
Aperture Logo


  1. Complete your book in Aperture
  2. Select the "Print" button from the upper right of the page » Choose "Save as PDF" from the drop down menu at the bottom left >> Name your file and click Save
  3. Upload the PDF to PrestoPhoto
Aperture® Printing Help

How much does an Apple Photo Book cost?

Presto Photo book has some of the most competitive pricing available. We actually cost less than Apple, but you'll get the same quality! See how we compare to other Apple Book printers:

Printer 13"x11" Photo Book Cost 20 pgs with Dust Jacket 11"x8.5" Photo Book Cost 40 pgs with Dust Jacket
Presto $41.99 $45.99
Apple $49.99 $49.79
Mimeo $49.99 $49.79
Motif $49.99 $49.79
Shutterfly $79.99 Closest Comparable: 14"x11" Photo Book from Shutterfly $76.78

Apple Photobook FAQs

Think of us as fraternal twins with Apple; our slogan is “Compatible, not identical”. While we print very similarly to Apple, we are a bit different since we’re not the same company. We have a slightly more aggressive crop line and there can always be some quality differences depending on personal preference. However, we do take pride in our product and offer a crazy amount of more options for purchase as well as a lesser cost to you!

Note: We highly recommend that everyone checks out our page on making your images Presto ready, and the best they can be. This will help with (what could be) much heartbreak!

Right now we offer our dust jackets with 11x8.5 and 13x10 Hardcovers, though our books do not come with a jacket by default. For 11x8.5 you can select the dust jacket option shown during checkout to receive a jacket with your book. For 13x10, to ensure your book includes a dust jacket, you'll need to request one in the order comments when checking out for now, though we should have that option available when checking out soon!

You sure can. From the Webstore for your book, click on the “Layout” button underneath the cover image. Once this page loads be sure to check the box for “Show Crop Guides” and take into consideration the crop guides for your project size. With most Apple books this will be the red crop guide. Anything under that guide is subject to being trimmed during production, so be sure to keep any important elements (such as marriage proposals or little Johnny’s eyes) out of the red or say goodbye!

For some programs, the spine text you use will be imported, however Apple has made the decision to not include the full dimension cover when you save out your PDF for uploading to another site with Photos. This means they include the front and back covers in your PDF, but none of the spine content that you may have created for your book. We do not have any control over the Spine Text uploading with your Apple Photos PDF since it was Apple's decision to not include it.

There is hope though! If your spine text is not included in your Apple PDF, we do offer a Spine Text tool after uploading your book that will allow you to add your own! Once you’ve uploaded your book in Step 1, follow the steps below:

  1. In Step 2 scroll to the box labeled "Cover Text & Colors", just underneath the cover preview.
  2. Click on the "None" that is next to Spine Text and enter whatever text you'd like in either the Top or Bottom Spine Text boxes. The text will show as a Preview when you click off the editors.
  3. When you're happy with the text, click "Update Cover" at the bottom of the page and the page will refresh showing your Spine Text on the cover.
  4. If you're happy with the preview then you're all set! Otherwise, you're free to edit (and edit again) as much as you need! Just remember to click "Update Cover" when you make any changes so that they are saved.

Absolutely! We love helping Apple customers print their photo books and don’t limit them to only 100 pages. Some stories need a little more space! Once you’ve created your books it’s easy to combine the books on your computer, simply follow the steps below:

  • Create your books and save them following the steps for iPhoto, Aperture, or Photos with each part labeled (i.e. Part 1, Part 2)
  • Open all parts of your iPhoto book in Preview
  • Turn on the Thumbnail view in each Preview window by selecting View > Thumbnails
  • Drag the thumbnail of the second PDF on top of the first and release it when the first highlights
  • Enjoy your over 100 page iPhoto book!

While your book is lookin' good, by default text is usually too close to the edge page/cover, which can result in important things being trimmed. It is fixable though!

For Aperture:

Step 1

Step 1

Click Edit Layout and select the item you'd like to change

Step 2

Step 2

Use the square handles to move the text boxes towards the center of the page and adjust the sizing

Step 3

Step 3

Make sure that your cover and interior pages follow our Crop and Bleed guidelines for the best results!

iPhoto & Photos Users: These programs have a lot less control over the layout and other aspects of your project. The best way to adjust the layout in these books is by changing the template or tweaking how the images are laid out in the book. If you're worried don't hesitate to reach out after you've uploaded the file!

So many things. There can be white borders added to the pages and cover, your dust flaps could be included in the interior, and your order might be delayed by going into checking since we want to make sure you see any potential issues that we can catch!

Aperture users: Make sure you use the magical instructions for saving your file!!! Please do NOT use the File>>Save as>>PDF method as it will not give you the correct output.

Presto to the rescue! Some Aperture sizes are not able to be saved with the steps above because of their settings. We've got two fix options for you right here below, along with some step-by-step visual directions!

Step 1

Step 1

Click "Print" in the upper right corner

Step 2

Step 2

Click the menu next to Paper Size and hover over US Letter

Step 3

Step 3

Choose "US Letter Borderless"

Step 4

Step 4

Select PDF and then click "Save as PDF". Upload your newly fixed file over the old version, or as a new project here: PrestoPhoto

If you're still having troubles, the steps below should definitely fix you right up!

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4

  1. Click "Print" in the upper right corner
  2. Click the menu next to Paper Size and select "Manage Custom Sizes"
  3. In the new dialog box, click the + sign
  4. Under "User Defined" erase the numbers in all of the four boxes and click OK.
    • Do not change the page size in this section
  5. Select PDF and then click "Save as PDF"
  6. Upload your newly fixed file over the old version, or as a new project here: PrestoPhoto
  7. Enjoy that beautiful, borderless, soon-to-be book!

Chances are your book may have been saved improperly. We actually have handy examples of how to save your iPhoto, Aperture, and Photos book for printing with us. When your book is both saved and uploaded correctly, the flaps should not show in your book. However if you’ve tried and tried and still can’t get the flying monkeys to go away, just click your heels three times and we’ll do our best to help. Or you can just contact us.

Definitely! We actually recommend it for the most part, as they can be right at that crop guide that makes them fully or only partially disappear in production. See the steps to remove them below:

For Aperture:

Step 1

Step 1

Within your project click on "Book Actions"

Step 2

Step 2

Select the Page Numbers options

Step 3

Step 3

Click "Off" to remove all page numbers. Sayonara page numbers!

For iPhoto:

Step 1

Step 1

Within your project select "Options" at the bottom right

Step 2

Step 2

After the sidebar appears, click on "Book Settings"

Step 3

Step 3

Uncheck the box for "Show page numbers" and then click "OK".

Step 4

Step 4

Voila! No more page numbers.

Absolutely! With PrestoPhoto there is no need to make a new book for each size you'd like. One size can (mostly) fit all! Any additional sizes that are available will show in your book's Webstore, which is found after you click Buy Now in the Uploader!

Getting Started is Easy

PrestoPhoto provides Apple comparable templates to help you create books consistent with what you’ve been making with Apple over the years. Apple iPhoto®, Photos, & Aperture® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.. Our Photo Books are in no way endorsed by Apple Inc, however we have worked hard to make sure they match the look and feel of your existing books.


Page cut offs

by Christina Palesh, 04 May 2016 (22:38 UTC)
Are my pages in the safe zone for cropping? I made the book in Aperture and always leave a ten space margin all around the outside of the page and twenty spaces in the binding part of the book. This is my first order and am trying to learn all the nueances.

Re: Page cut offs

by connie, 05 May 2016 (14:33 UTC)
We have a great page on creating using Aperture. Check it out here

Adding pages

by Christina Palesh, 04 May 2016 (22:34 UTC)
Ok, so I have my book uploaded but need to add two pages. How do I do that?

Thank you

Re: Adding pages

by connie, 05 May 2016 (14:32 UTC)
Chris, I see you have two projects. Your Scotland / Ireland book has 102 blank pages. Is that the project on which you are working. For that project you need to upload images and then you can drag the images into that project

Aperture book question

by Kathleen Haight, 13 Apr 2016 (22:27 UTC)
I am trying to upload an aperture book, and I can't figure out how to send up the cover and content separately. I tried to send them together, but was unsuccessful.

Re: Aperture book question

by connie, 19 Apr 2016 (17:56 UTC)
Hey, check out this page here or chat in with us and we can help!

iPhoto book page limit

by Fariba Soetan, 01 Nov 2014 (20:14 UTC)
Hi, I have already saved my iPhoto books to pdf and am now trying to upload two iPhoto book s into one but it doesn't allow me to move the pictures. How do I do it because I read somewhere on this forum that the way to get around the 100 page limit in iPhoto is to save multiple albums to pdf then move them into one. Just don't know how to move them into one. I've uploaded both albums into my projects if you can help!

Re: iPhoto book page limit

by Shantelle, 01 Nov 2014 (23:35 UTC)
Hi Fariba! We have directions on how to save 2 iPhoto books as one, along with some other FAQs, at our iPhoto help page here: There isn't a way to edit your iPhoto book once you've saved and uploaded it to PrestoPhoto, so you would need to return to iPhoto to make any changes and then upload the book over the original project. :)

I hope this helps but please let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at!

by Kimberly Narcisi, 19 Feb 2014 (01:52 UTC)
YES! Thank you so much Meghan!!! that did the trick . . . one more thing. I am trying to add txt to the cover but it is not showing up in the preview. I'm not sure what I am missing.


by Meghan Haviland, 19 Feb 2014 (05:24 UTC)
Hi Kimberly - Glad that worked for you! biggrin As for text on the cover and spine, it looks like you got it all figured out as we processed an order for your book this morning with all of that showing up perfectly. Splendid work! Please let us know if we can be of further assistance, now or in the future and thank you for placing an order with us!

Take care,
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