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It's (Still) Hip to be Square

When you need to create a professional photo book that stands out and shows your sophistication on every page, Square Books are the answer. We deliver outstanding quality at a price the others can't match.

With Square Books, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Create a softcover book to remember a special trip or special occasion. Print your next scrapbook in a standard 12"x12" Die-cut Hardcover. Assemble an 8.5" hardcover book for your professional portfolio. Offer your clients a classic option with a 10" hardcover album. Print the cutest pocket brag books in 3.5" or 5" square multi-packs.

Whatever your choice, you can be sure our photo books are built to impress — and last. Our perfect-bound 8.5" softcover books feature bright full-color covers and full-bleed images on every page. Our glossy 8.5" case-bound hardcover books allow you to wrap an image around the cover. For a timeless look and impeccable presentation, our 10x10" hardcover albums offers a spine wrap and an embossed adhesive cover image.

With all our books, our high-end industrial class digital presses ensure state-of-the-art color on every acid-free page.

We've Got It Covered

Choose our 12" or 10" hardcover album, and you are able to select the cover material that best reflects your vision. Our case materials include linen, leather, and suede in a variety of elegant colors.

As Easy As It Gets

Creating a Square book is simple. Just upload your finished PDF or JPG file to the site, or use the Designer to create the layout of your dreams. If you are uploading your finished layouts you only need to upload in 12x12 master page size and then choose what size you want at checkout. We will do all the resizing for you!

A Square Deal

As always, we offers professional results at a price that squelches the competition. Our softcover perfect-bound square books start at $4.99 plus $.25 per page, while our hardcovers start at $14.99 plus $.25 per page. Our exquisite 10" hardcover photo album starts at $14.99 plus $.40 per page. And the 12x12 hard cover memory album starts at $14.99 plus $.75 per page.

It's free to register and start building your photo books, and you can count on no hidden fees when you're ready to place an order.

Make a book now, or register to get started today.

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8.5x11 Scrapbook

by tyler1, 14 Sep 2010 (20:26 UTC)
I want to create an 8.5x11 scrapbook on your site. Is that possible? Also, I have my pages finished to your specs, but I need to know how to upload them to your site. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: 8.5x11 Scrapbook

by PrestoPhoto Support, 17 Sep 2010 (17:30 UTC)

greetings from PrestoPhoto and thank you for your interest.

I think you could upload one of two ways — 1) zipping your images in a folder or uploading via FTP.

Here is a link to our page about zipping and uploading http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/index.php?structure_id=412

We prefer one complete PDF or separate .jpg files. We recommend your images be at 300 dpi.

For all our trim sizes we recommend you make the cover images as well as the interior page images 1/4" larger than your book size. For example if you plan to create an 8.5x11 book the cover image as well as interior pages would be 8.75x11.25 (at 300 dpi).

Most importantly, keep all important items (people, heads, text,borders) away from the outer 1/2" on all sides.

Here is a page that may help

We trim 1/8" on all sides and just keep in mind an 1/8" is a greater percentage of the book for our mini books than it is for say an 8.5x11 book. In other words 1/8" is a greater percentage of 5" than it is of 8.5". Does that make sense?

If you have other questions or if I missed something let me know and I'll do my best to help.

PrestoPhoto Support