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The best photo book software for your Mac and iPad is Apple Pages with the Presto Photo Book Templates.

Apple Pages Photo Books

Apple Pages is the best photo book software already on your Mac and iPad. By using the Presto Photo Book Templates for Pages, easy drag-n-drop book making is at your fingertips. You have more control and flexibility than iPhoto, Photos or even Aperture, and Pages utilizes your existing photo libraries. Use Apple Pages to create apple photo books!

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Apple Photo Book customers, welcome home.

Since Apple has discontinued its printing services, Presto Photo has stepped up and now offers templates that are comparable to those in Photos, Aperture, and iPhoto. These templates allow you to create books consistent with what you’ve been making with Apple over the years. Please note, these templates are similar to the original, but do have some variations are in no way endorsed by Apple Inc.

If you've never used the Apple Pages portion of the PrestoPhoto macOS App, here's a quick run down of how it works:

How the Presto Photo App Works
  1. Download the App and choose a template
  2. Create and edit your book using Apple Pages
  3. Export to PDF and upload with a web browser
  4. Add to shopping cart and receive a Custom Photo Book!

Start by downloading our app below. From there, install a Apple Pages template from the list provided. Customize it with your own photos, and export it to be uploaded to Presto Photo. Fill out all the necessary information, place your order, and a customized photo book will be shipped directly to you! Simple, easy, and at a price none of our competitors can beat.

Latest Release available in macOS App Store:

Download the Presto Photo App on the Mac App Store

1-2-3 Easy Guide!

Step 1 Download the File

Download the Template

Start by downloading one of our Pages templates.

Step 2 Make your Photo Book

Make your Photo Book

Unzip the file and start a new Pages document. Simply click on the button in the bottom right hand corner of a placeholder image and load in an image from your Photos or iPhoto library.

Step 3 Export and Upload

Export to PDF and Upload

Export a PDF of your project, and then upload it to PrestoPhoto!

How to Upload Your Project

Export project to PDF

Export to PDF

Export a PDF by going to File > Export to > PDF…. You will be prompted to choose your Image Quality, use 'Best', and save a PDF to your local computer. Next, upload the PDF to PrestoPhoto.

Export project to PDF

Start PDF Upload

Start PDF Upload

After you have Exported your Photo Book as a PDF, you can now upload it to PrestoPhoto. You can either upload it here or click on our top menu bar, and go to Photo Books -> Create a Photo Book, and selecting from the popup Upload PDF

Name your project and pick the Type

Start a New Book Project

On this page, you start by picking the type of project you want (you want the first option, Photo Book, which is pre-selected). Enter a name for a project to help keep track of it

Name your project and pick the Type

Start a New Book Project

On this page, you start by picking the type of project you want (you want the first option, Photo Book, which is pre-selected). Enter a name for a project to help keep track of it

Select your PDF and Cover Options

Select your PDF

Click on Choose from Computer, and then find your Photo Book PDF and select it, then press open. Scroll down the page to Cover Options, and you want to select Use first page of my PDF from the left hand column of the cover options, and then to the right are the back cover options, select Use Second Page of my PDF, and finally click the Upload button at the bottom of the page.

Select your Cover Options

More Cover Options

More Cover Options
Layout Preview

For this step, you can now see a preview of how your book will print by clicking the Layout Preview button in the upper right hand corner. If your book is being printed as a hard cover or is a soft cover over 35 pages, you can also enter text for your spine on this page. At the bottom of the page is an area to change where the info box information is printed on your book if it is ontop of any inportant design elements. Once done, go back up to the top of the page and click on Bookstore.


Bookstore Options

If you would like to make your book available in our bookstore for anyone to buy, check the List product in webstore checkbox. If not, click Buy Now.

Buy your Photo Book

Presto Photo's photo book purchasing page

Select the size and cover material you would like to purchase your book in. We have our most popular options at first, if you don't see your desired option click on All Sizes to see all available sizes. Choose how many you want and select Add to Cart and checkout!

Enjoy your Book

The physical photo book

You're all done! Enjoy your custom made photo book and start cooking up ideas for the next one.

Tips and Tricks

If you haven't used Apple Pages for book layouts before, we've got a set of tips and tricks to help out.

Safetly Crop Guides in Pages Template


There are Yellow Crop Marks around all of the template pages. They are what we call the “Safe Area”. Anything within this area will safely print. If anything is placed beyond these marks runs the chance of being cut off in the book making process, so we suggest placing anything important within these yellow guides. If you create a new page for this template, you will have to add your own in order to see them.

Turn on your rulers by either going to View-> Show Rulers or hitting the keyboard shortcut Command(⌘) R on your keyboard. From there, you can drag and drop the yellow guides by clicking on the rulers and pulling them to the desired location. For interior pages, use the following coordinates: x: 0.5 in, x:12.75 in, y 0.5 in, y:9.75 in. For covers it's a little different, use the following coordinates: x: 1 in, x:12.25 in, y: 1 in, y:9.25 in.

Template Layout Covers

Front Cover (Tempalte Page 1) Left, Back Cover (Template Page 2) Right

Template Layout Page 1

Page 1 (Template Page 3) Right

Book Layout

The layout of our Pages templates works like this: Page 1 is our front cover, Page 2 is our back cover, and from Page 3 on is the interior of the book (Page 3 of the template is Page 1 of the interior, Page 4 of the Template is Page 2 interior, and so on).

Turn on Page Thumbnails

Turn on Page Thumbnails

Quickly view your page layout by turning on Thumbnails: View->Show Page Thumbnails. The first page is your Front Cover, the Second will be your back cover, and the rest is your interior pages of your Photo Book.

Place your Images in Template

Place Your Images

Click on the button on the bottom right hand corner of the placeholder images to replace them with your own photos from Apple Photos or iPhoto photo library.

Crop and Edit Photos

Once you've placed your image, you can now reposition and resize it as you desire. Double click on the image and a pop-up will show up, and you'll also see all of your image, with some of it grayed out (the area currently cropped). Slide the image around with the cursor on the image, and change the size with the sliding bar on the bottom pop-up.

Resizing your Photos Step 1
Resizing your Photos Step 2
Resizing your Photos Step 3
Resizing your Photos Step 4
Adding and Removing Pages

Add and Remove Pages

Pages 7 and 8: Click on the + in the top right hand corner of the window, and you will have access to all of the Master Pages for the template. Add as many pages to your book as you like, it's simple and easy. To remove pages, with the Page Thumbnails pane open to the left, right click on a page and select Delete, and the page will be deleted. You can also left click on the page thumbnail and hit the Delete Key on your keyboard to delete the page.

Pages 5: Pages 5 does not have Master Pages, but you can add pages. Go to Insert-> Page and place a new page where you would like. To copy a design, select the page you would like to copy and go to Edit -> Duplicate Selection, and you'll have a direct copy of that pages design. Another way is to simply select all of a page style you would like to copy, press CMD + C, go to your new blank page, then hit CMD + v, and it will place the design.

Turn on Spread View

Turn on Facing Pages

This is a Pages 7 and 8 feature. To get a better look at your book, click on Document in the top right hand corner beside Format, and go down to the Header & Footer Margins section, and check Facing Pages. Now your pages will be shown as spreads in your Thumbnail Preview as well as the working pages themselves.

Facing Pages Feature on
Picking a Background Color

Change the Background color of your Page

If you would like to change the background color of your page, first you will have to unlock the background. When you click on the background area, you should see eight gray X's show up on the outter edges of the background (one on each corner, and one in the middle of each side). To the right, the Arrange pane should have popped up, and find the Unlock button right beside the Lock button.

Now that the background is unlocked, click on Style (should be to the left of Arrange), and under Fill, below the dropdown box, is a color picker. To the left is a few present colors in a drop-down, but to the right is a massive color picking tool with 5 separate ways to pick the right color for you. Once selected, it's best to lock your layer again. Click on the background, go to Arrange, and now hit the Lock button to keep your background from accidentally shifting around.

Apple Pages for iPad

As an added bonus, our Pages Templates also work with Pages for iPad. The process of starting is a little different, so here are some steps to get started.

Step 1:  Find a Template

Find a Template you like

Look over our list of Apple Pages templates and pick one you want to use in Safari (we recommend using Safari for this process). Tap on the Pages 7 download link.

Step 2: Open in Pages

Open in Pages

Tap on Open in "Pages"

Step 3: Add to Template Chooser

Add to Template Chooser

Add the template to the template chooser, you'll see what this does next.

Step 4: Start a new project

Start a New Project

Pages will open all the templates you have in Pages, and take you to your newly installed Pages template at the bottom of all of your templates in the My Templates area. Just tap on the template to get started

Step 5:  Start Making a Photo Book

Get started

Start adding photos or your own text to make your own custom photo book!

Export to PDF

Step 1:  Tap 3 Dots in Top Right Corner

Tap the 3 dots in the top righthand corner to open more options

Step 2:  Select Export

Select Export

Step 3: Choose PDF

Choose PDF from the Options

Step 4:  Choose Save to Files

Choose "Save to Files" in the bottom sliding options area

Step 5: Save it where you like

Save the file. Remember where you save it in order to access it later, or upload the file directly to Presto Photo from your iPad.

Pages Templates for making Photo Books

The most productive feature of Pages is the Templates. These allow creation of a beautifully laid out book in just minutes. All you need to do is drag and drop your pictures and add your text.

Looking for more help?

Check out our YouTube videos for information on placing or resizing your photos, changing background colors, and more!

Live Chat Hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM EST

Youtube Tutorial Links

PrestoPhoto provides Apple comparable templates to help you create books consistent with what you’ve been making with Apple over the years. Our Photo Books are in no way endorsed by Apple Inc, however we have worked hard to make sure they match the look and feel of your existing books. These templates are similar to the original, but do have some variations. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhoto, Pages, and Aperture are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.


Crop guide question

by Byron Weber Becker, 09 Aug 2018 (16:12 UTC)
I'd like clarification on the following comment from a previous post:


Does this mean that we need to submit pages that are 8.75x11.25 or that you take our 8.5x11 pages, scale them up, and then trim off 1/8"?

My book has a black background; I want to make sure there's no trace of white at the page edges in the finished product.

Re: Page sizes

by PrestoPhoto Support, 09 Mar 2011 (17:40 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto and thanks for your interest.

Just make your pages 1/4" larger than the book you plan to create and keep all important items (heads & text) away from the outer 1/4" on all sides and nothing will get wacked.

Here is a link to our page on cropping and bleed http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/index.php?structure_id=303


PrestoPhoto support

Re: Page sizes

by Byron Weber Becker, 11 Mar 2011 (01:33 UTC)
This is bad news. I assumed, wrongly, that a 11x8.5 book would start with an 11x8.5 page and that the 1/8 inch border would come off of this. Or that you would scale the page up by just a little bit before trimming off the 1/8".

So... what can I do to recover from this? I produced the document in Apple's Pages. I haven't found a way to scale all pages within Pages. All my efforts to scale when exporting and/or printing to PDF have failed to date. Suggestions?

Recommended PDF settings from Pages '09

by E Fung, 30 Dec 2010 (20:29 UTC)
I'm using Apple Pages '09 on Mac OS X 10.6.5. Do you have recommendations for PDF export settings? I see from discussions on various forums that Save as PDF-X might be the best (or only) way to ensure fonts are completely embedded. Pages offers both an Export option (with PDF output) as well as File | Print | PDF | Save as PDF..., so I'm not sure what is the best if I'm uploading my own PDF.

Re: Recommended PDF settings from Pages '09

by PrestoPhoto Support, 30 Dec 2010 (21:45 UTC)
Hi, E Fung,

We recommend using the Export option as a high quality PDF.

PrestoPhoto Support

iwork Pages to Viovio 8.5 x 11 hardcover imagewrap book

by jim, 14 May 2010 (22:09 UTC)
i am using iwork pages 09 templets to make PrestoPhoto 8.5x11 hardcover image wrap book 40 pages. what setting i need to use ? should i save them as pdf 150 dpi or any other way. ? do i have to upload 40 pages sepratly or as one file? please guide .

thanks in advance

Re: iwork Pages to Viovio 8.5 x 11 hardcover imagewrap book

by Christopher Lait, 29 Jun 2010 (06:33 UTC)
Should I remove the pages show the dust jacket inside flap?



Re: iwork Pages to Viovio 8.5 x 11 hardcover imagewrap book

by PrestoPhoto Support, 01 Jul 2010 (12:22 UTC)
Yes, if you don't plan to create a dust jacket product

Re: iwork Pages to Viovio 8.5 x 11 hardcover imagewrap book

by PrestoPhoto Support, 17 May 2010 (17:06 UTC)

greetings from PrestoPhoto and thank you for your interest.

We prefer one complete PDF or separate .jpg files. We recommend your images be at 300 dpi.

For all our trim sizes we recommend you make the cover images as well as the interior page images 1/4" larger than your book size. For example if you plan to create an 8.5x11 book the cover image as well as interior pages would be 8.75x11.25 (at 300 dpi).

Most importantly, keep all important items (people, heads, text,borders) away from the outer 1/2" on all sides.

Here is a page that may help

We trim 1/8" on all sides and just keep in mind an 1/8" is a greater percentage of the book for our mini books than it is for say an 8.5x11 book. In other words 1/8" is a greater percentage of 5" than it is of 8.5". Does that make sense?

You can also just use your iPhoto PDF. We have several creators who use iPhoto to create the PDF and then upload the PDF to PrestoPhoto for printing. I would use a theme with a white background.

I say that because we recommend that your file be .25 larger than the final trim size for bleed. The iPhoto file is exactly 11x8.5, so if you have a dark background then when we trim your book you may see a tiny bit of white on the sides.

Also, if you would like you could save the iPhoto PDF from iPhoto (print - save as pdf) and open the PDF in acrobat and save as a postscript file (print-save as poscript file). In page setup set the scaling to around 85% to reduce the document size to 9 x 7 with bleed), than create a PDF from the postscript file in distiller. Don't scale the file if you would like to create an 11x8.5 on PrestoPhoto.

If you have other questions let us know!

PrestoPhoto support

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