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Printing 13" by 10" Aperture Books

by Stan Holcenberg, 05 Mar 2018 (15:52 UTC)
I have made a number of 11" by 8 1/2" Aperture large books with ease. I am now trying to make a 13" by 10" extra large book and get the following message after doing the "Buy" and "Save as PDF" steps:

.... "Invalid Paper Size - Change the Custom Paper Size to the correct value, or choose "Scale to .... fit paper size".

.... How to choose "Scale to fit paper size".
.... 1. Choose Paper Handling from the print option pop-up menu.
..... 2. Select "Scale to fit paper size", and choose the size of the paper which you want to print on
..... from the Destination Paper Size pop-up menu."

I cannot find a way to set the proper paper size (13 x 10) as an option that will work. I have the book ready to go in Aperture and hope there is a way to do this. I appreciate the guidance. Thany you.

Re: Printing 13" by 10" Aperture Books

by MJ, 09 Apr 2018 (15:47 UTC)
Hi Stan,

I believe you emailed in and we got this all fixed up for you (:
For future reference, you can print any book that is in the same ratio, in multiple sizes! IE. when you upload an 11x8.5 book, you can print it at 13x10, 14x11 an even in smaller sizes!

Warm Regards,

by Deborah Leight, 23 Jan 2018 (18:13 UTC)
I have a few questions.
1. how do you upload a book made in iPhoto?
2.I have 5 Gallery/large about 40 pagesiPhoto books I want to make two copies of each price?
3. Do you follow the same book format or do you change from the original book made in apple.


by MJ, 29 Jan 2018 (19:24 UTC)
Hi Deborah!

I'll answer your questions in the format that you have asked them (:

1. To upload a PDF made in Apple iPhoto, locate the "Create" tab in our Navigation Bar" (at the top of the page)
Hove your mouse over "Create" and then click "Upload PDF" from the dropdown menu that appears.
Follow the instructions on that page to upload your PDF and you're done!

2. Once you upload your PDFs to our site, you can go to your Bookstore via the "Buy Now" button to see pricing for all of the products that your project can be purchased as! Alternatively, you can also get a Quote in our Product Catalog. Simply hover your mouse over the "Products" tab in our Navigation Bar above and select "Price Catalog" from the dropdown menu. Use the Quick Quote Tool (in blue on that page) to enter your page count and quantity to see updated pricing for all products (:
3. Our software is set up to decipher as best as possible how the book was create. We extract the Covers as they are and place the pages as they were designed. If you have questions once your file is uploaded, just email us at or hop on Live Chat and we'd be happy to take a look at your book (:

Warm Regards,

by janisguimm, 22 Dec 2017 (21:15 UTC)
Trying to add text to my cover page, but it won't let me pick font type and size etc. what do I need to do to complete this task?


by MJ, 05 Jan 2018 (21:40 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

Oh my, so sorry you're running into issues with your Cover.

So that we can take a closer look and offer better assistance, would you be able to send a screenshot of what you're seeing and email that to us at

Once we receive that image we can assist from there!

Warm Regards,

Die Cut

by nataliebaker, 11 Dec 2017 (15:12 UTC)
What does die-cut cover mean? Do the pages lay flat in this type?

Re: Die Cut

by MJ, 05 Jan 2018 (21:38 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

A Die-Cut book is a Hardcover book that is wrapped in a material (such as Linen or Leather) with a hole in the center of the front cover. This hole shows the Cover image through it!

If you have any other questions, just let us know (:

Warm Regards,

Adding pages

by jeniedeck, 07 Dec 2017 (01:00 UTC)
I am unclear what the minimum number of pages is. I completed my project and deleted blank pages, when I tried to order the book it appears there are no options. A note came up that I may need to add more pages - so I have 2 questions:
How does one add more pages?
Where is the minimum number of pages for books specified?
Thanks for your help!

Re: Adding pages

by MJ, 05 Jan 2018 (21:37 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

The minimum page count will depend on the specific product you're wanting to order. Many of our books require at least 20 pages, however we do have some that require less! You can find information on each product here: If you have other questions on a specific product, feel free to email or chat in and we can assist.

To add more pages in the Online Design, simply click the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a plus sign on it. You'll find this in the left hand panel. Additionally, to add several new pages, click "Reorder" in the left panel and then click "Add Multiple Pages."

Warm Regards,
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