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Not recommended

by RZ, 21 Mar 2023 (23:02 UTC)
I am deeply disappointed with the poor quality of the books produced by this printing shop, despite the good customer service experience. While the agent were polite and responsive, the core issues with the final product cannot be overlooked.

The most noticeable problem with the books is the significant color discrepancy between the pages. This makes for an unappealing and inconsistent visual experience. Additionally, the binding of the pages is not secure, leading to pages falling out easily when turning them. This flaw significantly diminishes the usability and value of the book.

Moreover, the packaging used to ship the book is of extremely low quality and offers no real protection. As a result, the book arrived with a damaged spine due to rough handling during transit.

While the customer service team's attitude was commendable, the core issues with the book's quality cannot be ignored. Overall, I would not recommend this printing shop to anyone seeking high-quality printing and binding services. The severe color discrepancy and weak binding render the final product unusable, and the subpar packaging results in books arriving damaged.

Slip Cases?

by blackdog709, 14 Feb 2023 (16:44 UTC)
I think a great accessory product you could sell for hardcover books is slip cases.
They are difficult to find; usually custom.
Having a slip cover is great for interviews to protect the book from wear and the elements (obviously) and to prevent "perusal" before an actual interview or meeting.

Re: Slip Cases?

by Adam @ Presto, 16 Feb 2023 (18:23 UTC)
Hi, thanks for answering! I assume you mean a "slip case" (like the pic below) and not a dust jacket. Slip cases are really nice, and convenient for select uses. However they are also really expensive... upwards of $10 even when ordering in a reasonable bulk quantity. There is also the thickness and sizing issue, so we'd need to stock multiple sizes.


First time user

by lemkerwyo, 15 Oct 2022 (13:46 UTC)
Currently my photos are in a Lightroom Catalog. How can I upload them to your App to create a book? Would I be better off uploading from Drop Box? Thanks

Re: First time user

by michael, 11 Nov 2022 (21:38 UTC)
Hello there :) and Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

We do have Lightroom Integration with our PrestoPhoto app extension. You can find more information regarding how to access your Lightroom photos here: https://www.prestophoto.com/create/adobe-lightroom-photo-books

Send us an email or reach out via Live Chat Monday-Friday form 9AM to 5PM Eastern time if you need any further assistance

Kind Regards
PrestoPhoto Support

Berton Builders

by Ruben P Berton, 12 Sep 2022 (19:53 UTC)
We have a Book already in our previous projects, our intention is bring all the information updated and add information and photos, how can we do it, without having to start all over?

paper options

by Kathryn Geismar, 23 Aug 2022 (22:22 UTC)
Hi — I received your paper swatches and would like to use the premium matte paper for an 8x10 portrait, softcover photo book. It looks like just premium paper with a slight gloss is offered. Is there a way for me to choose the paper that I would like? Thanks. Kathryn

Re: paper options

by michael, 26 Aug 2022 (17:48 UTC)
Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for your comment,

The premium matte paper is in reference to cards and press prints. We do not offer any bound products that use this heavy weight uncoated stock.

With that being said, if you were to place an order and leave an order comment requesting a heavier weight paper, we can check and see if we have anything available that is thicker than our standard stock. Likely this will not be as heavy as the matte in your sample kit but our production floor that produces the 8" x 10" products will have uncoated matte 220 gsm paper. (The standard for this product is uncoated matte 120)

Kind Regards
PrestoPhoto Support

Spine Text Tool

by Laurie Salmore, 06 Aug 2022 (09:11 UTC)
Is the point size of the spine text auto generated? I'd like a smaller point size.

Re: Spine Text Tool

by michael, 09 Aug 2022 (20:18 UTC)
Hello Laurie,

Thank you for reaching out :)

Yes, when using the spine text tool built into our website, the text point size is autogenerated to fit your spine based on the paper choices and page count.

While we typically suggest using our spine text tool because it is within our control and we can be sure that your spine text will fall along the spine of your book.

You can opt to create your own spine text by designing a cover that contains your front cover, back cover, and spine text and uploading it as your cover. Then you just check the Full Wrap option. This way you can control the size of the spine.

Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance

Kind Regards
PrestoPhoto Support

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