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Problem. /. Could not order copies of my book

by Carol Harrison, 09 Dec 2021 (07:53 UTC)
I spent a very long time creating a mini book and could not order copies of it. Carol Harrison China

Re: Problem. /. Could not order copies of my book

by MJ, 14 Dec 2021 (21:29 UTC)
Hello Carol,

Thanks for your post!

I believe I spoke with you via Live Chat but I'm not sure if this is the concern you were addressing in this post.
Can you provide us with a bit of detail on the issue that you were having with ordering a book?

Feel free to send us a direct email at support@prestophoto.com and we can assist from there!

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

Fedex International Economy is terrible

by Maurice Smith, 26 Nov 2021 (11:47 UTC)
The recent book was beautifully produced and I was delighted with the overall quality.

I'm less than delighted with the Fed Ex delivery service; when we returned from shopping we found the book lying on the steps to our house, the packaging in a very poor state with one end torn open.

We could have been away for a few days in which case the book could have been stolen or damaged by the rain, we get windy rainy weather here in Brighton by the sea.

This is no way to treat an item that with delivery cost $121.27, not to mention all the time spent creating the book.

The next time I will take a cheaper option and have the book delivered by the British Post Office which leaves a note after an unsuccessful delivery and the option of having it delivered at a later date or picking it up at the central post office.

Too expensive if non-American

by S. Fisher, 17 Nov 2021 (12:38 UTC)
When you change to a currency that is not $, the cost is not properly calculated into € or £ using international exchange rates; instead it increases by some 40%, which is a MASSIVE hike in price if you are not American. The additional £/€20 for postage (of a very lightweight parcel) means this become uneconomic for basically the rest of the world.

Re: Too expensive if non-American

by MJ, 30 Nov 2021 (20:53 UTC)
Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback!

I know we spoke via email but I also wanted to reply here as well, in case this reaches you more easily.

Conversion rates are automatically updated nightly via our payment processor. I have alerted my web developer of a potential discrepancy in conversion so that he can review and ensure that we are using the more accurate and up to date conversion rates. If there were discrepancies, I can assure you these were not intentional.

If you have any other feedback, please feel free to reach out and we will do our best to assist.

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

Too Expensive to get sent overseas

by Ian McCauley, 16 Nov 2021 (21:47 UTC)
I came back to see if the cost of a calendar, produced from an iPhoto PDF was in any way competitive for me, overseas in Australia, compared to the other service Apple recommends. The cost, delivered to my door, in under 14 days, by M###o was an expensive US$32.99. For the same calendar, with your cheapest shipping, US$92.60. At those rates, you'll never attract many overseas customers. Save us the evasion that you don't control postage rates - other US companies clearly can.

Re: Too Expensive to get sent overseas

by MJ, 30 Nov 2021 (20:59 UTC)
Hello Ian,

Thanks for your feedback!

I can assure you that there is not one single reason that we as a small business would intentionally run our international customers away. That would be quite silly of any company to do, especially one that attracts customers from all over the world like our company.

The shipping costs that you are provided with are indeed direct quotes from the shipping carriers so there is no "evasion" with that answer, it is simply the truth. The reason other companies are able to offer more competitive rates to their international customers is either due to the shipping carriers offering them volume discounts when they ship X number of packages with that carrier, by increasing product costs to help cover the shipping fees, or a combination of both. While we would love to be able to meet the volume requirements to lower our shipping costs, this is no easy feat unfortunately.

Additionally, as of September 3rd, 2021, the USPS enacted some temporary delivery service suspensions that specifically effects orders shipping to Australia from the US. (You can read about this here: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/welcome.htm) These disruptions caused many companies to have to remove all USPS methods from their international shipping options, which therefore removes some of the more affordable options.

With this all being said, we are always looking for ways to improve our shipping options internationally and hope to have some better options in the future that offer both great cost and great reliability.

I hope this information helps clarify any confusion or concern.

If you have any follow up questions, please let us know!

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

macOS 12.0.1 Monterey

by Bren Dorman, 13 Nov 2021 (22:08 UTC)
I had nearly completed a photo-book project using the Prestophoto app on my MacBook but when I upgraded to mac OS Monterey the project would not function at all and if I clicked on a page it went blank.

Re: macOS 12.0.1 Monterey

by Caleb, 15 Nov 2021 (14:53 UTC)
Hey Bren,
You should be able to update to the latest version of the app and open your projects.

How to delete photos in "unused" in your Mac iPhoto app?

by Christian, 12 Sep 2021 (16:52 UTC)
The comments from: How to delete photos in "unused" in your Mac iPhoto app? (26215) have been is_moved to 6974489
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