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Presto Photo FAQ

Photo Books

How do I create my book?

Do you do Apple Photo Book Printing? How about Apple Aperture Printing?

I just want some Photo Books.

How do I use the Online Book Designer?

Do you offer any templates for your books?

Do you offer loose pages, photo cards and photo calendars?

How can I contact PrestoPhoto?

Can I read some of your customer reviews?

Is PrestoPhoto on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest?

Covers and Binding

What paper options do you offer?

What book sizes do you offer?

Do you offer Book Binding and Covers?

Do you offer any cover templates or examples?

Images and Galleries

How can I edit my photo galleries?

How can I secure my photos from the public?

What do I need to know about uploading photos?

How can I tell if my image resolution is high enough?

How do I create Social Media Photo Books?


Can I create and sell my own Creating Book Designer Templates?

How can I increase my tips for selling templates?

Where can I find yearbook, wedding, scrapbooking templates, or baby book?

Do you offer any free templates?


What is the difference between CMYK & RGB?

Can I match my color?

What if have black & white photos?


What will my book cost?

How will my book Printing Specifications?

What Ship Options and Delivery Times do you offer?

What is your return policy?

What is your Holiday Shipping Schedule?

Selling My Books

Can I sell my books?

How do I make my book available for sale?

Do I really need an ISBN number?

Can I remove Presto's logo from the books I purchase with you permanently?

We want to hear from you!!!! We feel one of the best ways you and help improve the site is to contact. We take your comments seriously and will use your input to improve every member's experience! Our goal is to offer the best photo site on the Internet, and want to bring you the specific features you need to share your photos and create your photo books.


Adding pages

by jeniedeck, 07 Dec 2017 (01:00 UTC)
I am unclear what the minimum number of pages is. I completed my project and deleted blank pages, when I tried to order the book it appears there are no options. A note came up that I may need to add more pages - so I have 2 questions:
How does one add more pages?
Where is the minimum number of pages for books specified?
Thanks for your help!

Re: Adding pages

by MJ, 05 Jan 2018 (21:37 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

The minimum page count will depend on the specific product you're wanting to order. Many of our books require at least 20 pages, however we do have some that require less! You can find information on each product here: If you have other questions on a specific product, feel free to email or chat in and we can assist.

To add more pages in the Online Design, simply click the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a plus sign on it. You'll find this in the left hand panel. Additionally, to add several new pages, click "Reorder" in the left panel and then click "Add Multiple Pages."

Warm Regards,

Embedded fonts?

by Alice Coleman, 09 Nov 2017 (22:29 UTC)
Hi! I wrote a book in Word, printed it, illustrated it, scanned it, and made a PDF. When I try to upload it, I'm told the fonts must be embedded. At this point, the fonts are more like illustrations. Is there any way around this? Thanks for your help.

Re: Embedded fonts?

by MJ, 22 Nov 2017 (18:29 UTC)
Hi Alice!

Unfortunately, there is no way around embedding the fonts into a document. The printer itself requires all fonts to be embedded as it is not equipped with pre-set fonts. What this means is that if we were to send a document to the printer without all of the fonts embedded, parts of the project would likely not be printed and there could likely be giant blanks throughout the document.

When exporting your PDF out of whatever program you're using, there should be a checkbox option stating to embed fonts. If you're not seeing this as an option, you may want to run your PDF through a converter such as FoxIt, which should be able to get those fonts embedded into your document for you (:

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

Warm Regards,

Cover Type and Book Proofing

by Joe, 05 Oct 2017 (05:45 UTC)
Hey there, I have two questions. 1) I wanted to have a dust jacket cover on a 13x10 aperture PDF book but when I go buy it only gives me the option for an image wrap? 2) Do you proof the book before printing? To ensure colors are correct and there is no text being cut off etc etc?

Re: Cover Type and Book Proofing

by MJ, 05 Oct 2017 (17:37 UTC)
Hi Joe!

Thanks for posting (: I'll answer your questions below:

1. Since our Dust Jacket is an optional add on for our 11x8.5 and 13x10 books, you'll need to select the Imagewrap Hardcover you'd like first. Once you do that, you'll see the option pop up for the Dust Jacket!
2. All orders that are placed with us are proofed by our team prior to being sent into production. Our team checks for cropping issues, formatting problems and a few other obvious issues. While they do their best to catch everything, they can miss some things, so it is up to you to make sure that your book is ready to go prior to placing your order (: If you want a second opinion, just send us a quick email and we'd be happy to take a look at your book for you!

If you have any other questions, just let me know!

iPhoto Upload question

by Khalel, 17 Sep 2017 (19:40 UTC)
Just have a couple of questions.
I managed to mixed two Apple iPhoto Books to achieve the over 100 pages limits. I uploaded the PDF file to your system BUT every page seems like it'll be cut off because they are a little bit in the red zone (it's a hardcover book 11x8.5). Though the dust cover looks great. Any way to zoom out every page to fit within the red zone? Don't think I have the time to redo every page in iPhoto again :-(. If not, how do I cancel/delete permanently my account?
Thank you.

Re: iPhoto Upload question

by MJ, 18 Sep 2017 (17:43 UTC)
Hi Khalel,

So that I can help you best, would you be able to send us an email to with your Project ID#? That way I can take a look at your project and we can see (:

Let me know if you have any questions!
Warm Regards,

Problem generating cover image

by Paul Prebble, 05 Sep 2017 (12:26 UTC)
Hi, I thought I had found the solution to my problem as my version of iPhoto isn't compatible with the Apple iPhoto Book ordering system. However, when I've tried to upload the PDF version of my book your site continuously tries to generate the cover and goes no further - HELP.

Dust cover iphoto book

by Jonathan Karnon, 03 Sep 2017 (12:20 UTC)
I have bought dust cover iphotobooks from presto before but it is not coming up as an option this time - can you advise?
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